Cam Gallagher’s role in 2020

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In 2019, Cam Gallagher played a bigger role for the Royals than we wanted him to. Unfortunately, I see Gallagher playing about the same amount of games this year, maybe even a little more.
Royals fans were hoping this season Salvador Perez would make his return behind the plate on a daily basis. Believe me, I was too. Here are a couple reasons why Gallagher will see a good amount of playing time. One, Salvador Perez tested positive for COVID-19 on July 4th, According to Fox 4 Kansas City. Sources say he is asymptomatic. Perez is the first Royals player to test positive for the virus as far as we know.
Second, the Royals were also looking to give Perez some playing time at first base and maybe some as the designated hitter.
The Royals have multiple catchers in the minors, but most of them don’t have much major league experience. Besides Gallagher, the Royals have Meibrys Viloria and Nick Dini to play behind the plate this season. Nick Dini played in only 20 games with the Royals and struggled mightily. Meibrys Viloria on the other hand played in 42 games. Viloria also struggled at the plate batting .211. With the catchers the Royals signed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Royals brought in a free agent catcher to fill the back up role until Perez returns behind the plate. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many options for the Royals to choose from on the free agent market. The Royals catching situation will be very interesting in 2020.
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