What is Brett Phillips’ role in 2020?

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After acquiring Jorge Lopez and Brett Phillips from the Brewers in 2018, Phillips hasn’t been able to find his footing in the majors. But remember, he’s still only 26-years old. The Royals have a pretty crowded outfield with Alex Gordon, Bubba Starling, Whit Merrifield and now Hunter Dozier. So, where does Brett Phillips fit in? I honestly could see him take the left field job in the near future. Now, I realize that Alex Gordon is holding down the fort in left field, but for how much longer? We all hate to see players like Alex Gordon age, but we all know it’s part of life. This off-season however Alex Gordon told Lynn Worthy of the Kansas City Star that he hopes to play a few more years, all with the Royals of course.
After Gordon’s era is over, I believe Phillips will take that spot. But for now, what will Phillips’ role be in 2020? I think it’s safe to assume that Hunter Dozier and Brett Phillips could split time in the outfield. If Phillips was better at the plate, I probably wouldn’t be writing this; but of course we know that his struggles at the plate are real.
For Hunter Dozier on the other hand, offense  isn’t the issue. It’s his defense that weighs him down. I certainly hope that Brett Phillips can turn it around offensively because he is an elite defender. Only time will tell on how the Royals use Phillips in 2020 and beyond.
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