Should the Royals take a chance on Matt Harvey?

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  • After four dominant years with the New York Mets, Harvey’s struggles began in 2017. Harvey’s struggles as a starter forced the Mets to move him to the bullpen. Let’s just say that didn’t help him return to his former self. After another rocky stint with the Mets, New York traded him to the Reds. During his time with the Reds, Harvey started to look like he was turning his career around. Unfortunately, after his time with the Reds was up, the Angels gave him a one year deal worth $11 million dollars guaranteed plus $3 million dollars in possible incentives. The pricey one year deal didn’t work out in Harvey’s favor or in the Angels’ favor either. Things weren’t looking good for Matt Harvey’s career. After being released by the Angels, the Athletics took a chance on Harvey, and it paid off. Harvey’s time in the Athletics organization was a career saving experience. He posted a 3.18 ERA. If the 2020 season ever gets started, I believe the Royals should take a chance on the former Mets’ ace. Why do you wonder? The Royals are known to take chances on former aces. The latest example of this is Homer Bailey. With the Royals needing a fifth starter, I believe Harvey would be a great fit. This would be a low risk, high award type of thing for the Royals. With Harvey only being 31 years of age, I still believe he has a lot left in the tank. Another reason I believe the Royals should sign Harvey is because the 2020 season will be much shorter than the past seasons. The final reason I think the Royals should bring Harvey on board is because the Royals don’t really have a reliable fifth starter. Many of you might argue that the Royals have many fifth spot candidates but the Royals have said multiple times that they are moving Jorge Lopez and Glenn Sparkman to the bullpen. I also don’t believe Brady Singer is ready for the workload of a major league pitcher. All this can only happen if the team owners and the players union will come to an agreement on the amount of games that will be played in 2020. Let’s hope this happens sooner rather than later.


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