Should the Royals take a chance on Luiz Gohara?

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After being signed out of Brazil in 2012 by the Mariners, Luiz Gohara has bounced around the league between the Mariners, Braves, and Angels. Now he is looking for his fourth organization.Gohara’s stats aren’t great, but they’re not awful. Remember, he’s only 23 years of age, so he still has a lot of room to grow as a player. The Royals are always looking to add young arms to their organization. I think the Royals should take a flier on Gohara because he can throw his fastball in the upper 90’s; and, he can occasionally hit 100 with his fastball. The Braves also said he has a good slider. 

The Royals could use Gohara in many different ways. I think he could be a great closer for the Royals in the future, but they could also use him as a starter. But like I said in the Heath Fillmyer article, the rotation is mainly set except for the 5th spot. If I were the Royals I would sign him to a team friendly contract and see what he can do. He also has multiple arbitration years remaining so the Royals could end up keeping him for the long haul and for cheap. Multiple Royals websites have said the Royals should take a chance on Luiz Gohara, and I totally agree with them. This seems like the type of move Dayton Moore would make, so why not take a chance on Gohara and many other players like him on the chopping block? With Major League Baseball expanding rosters, it’s worth the risk. 


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