Don’t Let Him Go: Brian Goodwin

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After acquiring Brian Goodwin from the Washington Nationals in 2018, he played in only 27 games for the Royals. He batted .266 during his time in Kansas City. After one season with KC, the Royals placed him on waivers. I still believe we could have kept him or at least got something in return for him that might have helped us during the middle of the rebuild. After being claimed off waivers from the Angels, he went on terror, somewhat. Last season Goodwin hit 17 home runs. The Royals could have had better production at the plate if they would have kept Goodwin over signing Billy Hamilton. As we all know the Royals didn’t get $5.25 million out of Hamilton last season. But, if the Royals would have kept Goodwin, they would have saved $2.8 million dollars and would have had contract control through the 2022 season. Despite Goodwin’s struggles in spring training this year, I still believe the Royals would have benefited off of Goodwin’s production. The loss of Goodwin was just one of many things that hurt the Royals in 2019.

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