Bad long-term infielder signing by Royals hurt Merrifield’s prime

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After his first stint with the Tigers, Omar Infante signed a 4-year deal with the Royals in 2013. It seemed like a good signing at the time. Let’s just say the $30.25 million didn’t pan out. As many Royals fans remember, Omar Infante had a history of injuries before signing with the Royals. On top of his injury history, he struggled at the plate. His first year with the Royals didn’t make the contract look like a good idea. During his first season with Kansas City he batted only .252. After his first season with the Royals, his offensive numbers continued to decline. On the defensive side of things, it wasn’t much better. This contract also hurt a current fan favorite, Whit Merrifield. During Infante’s time with the Royals, Merrifield tore it up in Omaha. He batted .290. That’s pretty good if you ask me. While Merrifield was tearing it up in the minors, Infante continued to struggle in the majors. I would guess most Royals fans would agree with me that the Royals wasted some of Merrifield’s prime years. Not only is Whit Merrifield better in every category offensively and defensively, but he has a team friendly contract that doesn’t match his skill level. I think we can all agree Merrifield is a better second baseman, and he’s playing more worthy of Infante’s contract than Infante did.After being designated for assignment by the Royals, Infante signed a minor league deal with the Tigers. After looking back on his career, I think it’s safe to say Infante would have been a better bench player than an everyday player.

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