When will Salvy Become the Everyday 1B?

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Although Salvador Perez is a 6-time all-star behind the dish, the Royals are hoping to let Perez play first base from time to time in 2020. Its only a matter of time before Perez plays first base on a daily basis. At 6’3″ 245 pounds Perez’s catching days are numbered, but not his career. With Perez being 6’3″ I think first base will fit him perfectly. Remember Salvador Perez does have some experience at first base, but not much. He played some first base this spring training, before spring training was cut short due to COVID-19. Even though Perez is a gold glover behind the dish, that doesn’t mean he will be a gold glove first basemen. Some fans might be against the decision to move Perez to first base, but I am not. Here’s why I am all in with Salvy playing first base, As we all know catchers put wear and tear on their bodies and for a player who is Perez’s size will put more wear and tear on his body earlier than some catchers due to his size and weight. Remember Perez did undergo Tommy John Surgery last season. You are probably thinking, but the Royals have Ryan O’Hearn and Ryan McBroom to play first base? And yes that is true but I don’t think they are part of the Royals long term plans. What about Nick Pratto you ask? Remember Pratto is in the lower minors for the Royals and he has struggled offensively the past few years. With Perez playing at first base more often in 2020, this could open the door for Cam Gallagher to see more playing time behind the plate for the Royals or they could bring in a free agent catcher.

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