Reasoning Behind the Mike Matheny Hiring

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Back in 2019, the Royals hired Mike Matheny as Ned Yost’s special advisor. Shortly after the 2019 season ended, Ned Yost announced his retirement. When the Royals named Mike Matheny as the manager some fans were not impressed with Dayton Moore’s decision. But for me it makes plenty of sense. If you know how Moore runs his team, he signs and hires people with good character. In a conversation I had with Royals beat writer Jeffrey Flanagan about Matheny, Flanagan said “Matheny is a man of great character.” In that same conversation with Flanagan, he said Matheny is a “great leader.”  And for a team that is in the middle of a rebuild, I think it’s great to have a manager that is a good leader. According to some Cardinals fans, Matheny wasn’t a good game manager. Like with life you learn from your mistakes. Unlike Yost, Matheny has never gone through a rebuild as a manager, but has as a player according to Jeffrey Flanagan. Despite his experience with a rebuilding team, I believe with Matheny’s leadership, and his walk in faith, he will be successful as the Royals manager. I also want fans to remember a fired manager brings experience to any team. It will be exciting to see how Matheny manages the Royals in 2020 and beyond.
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