Prospect Q&A with Royals Farm Report

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The next wave is just around the corner which I’m pretty sure most Royals fans are ready for. For a team in the position like the Royals having a good farm system is crucial for success. Someone who knows the Royals prospects best is Royals Farm Report so I thought I’d ask them a few questions about the current prospects in the farm system. Plus it’s always fun to learn about the future of the Royals.
Q: What is one prospect that you thought would be a big contributor at the MLB level that really never panned out?
A: I always thought Rey Fuentes would be a guy that could stick on a big-league roster as a 4th OF. Hit well at Omaha in 2015 and then got that Opening Night starts at The K in 2016. He held his own at the plate, posting a 95 wRC+ in 13 games, but then he kind of fell off the face of the earth. Didn’t hit well at all for AZ the next year. I never thought he’d be an All-Star but I really thought he’d have some bench value. 
Q: Who hasn’t the highest ceiling out of all the prospects?
A: Bobby Witt Jr. is probably the obvious choice here. 4 tools that grade as 60 or better. Will stick at SS. But if you’re looking for an underdog candidate, I might say Khalil Lee. Lots of raw power, good wheels, great eye. I’m not sure how confident I am he’ll put it ALL together, but his ceiling is really high if he does.
Q: Which prospect has the highest floor?
Q: Favorite prospect?
Q: Who is someone you’re high on that many people aren’t?
Q: Which prospects do you think contribute at the MLB level in 2020? 
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