Did the Royals Strike Gold with the Trevor Rosenthal Signing?

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On December 7th, 2019 the Royals signed Lee Summit native Trevor Rosenthal to a minor league deal. Some Royals fans might be scratching their heads at this signing after Rosenthal’s shakey 2019 season with the Tigers and the Yankees. However, it could be something special. Unfortunately, spring training was cut short due to COVID-19. During Rosenthal’s appearances, he was lights out. He threw some fastballs 100 miles an hour. Who doesn’t love seeing a pitcher throw 100 miles an hour or more? The Royals will most likely use him at the back end of the bullpen along with Greg Holland. Another reason this signing makes sense, is that Rosenthal played for new Royals manager, Mike Matheny, back in St. Louis. For the 29-year old, this is probably a dream come true being able to play for his hometown team. Rosenthal also provides veteran leadership for a younger Royals bullpen. Rosenthal could possibly turn into a possible trade chip for the Royals or he could end up being a dud. It’s highly unlikely Rosenthal will be a trade chip for KC despite his postseason experience. Let’s hope Rosenthal has an incredible season for the Royals and can turn his career around!

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