Royals Looking To Bring Alex Gordon Back

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Alex Gordon has been rumored to return in the 2020 season. Just after the 2019 season concluded, Gordon declined a mutual option for 2020 from the Royals, making Gordon a free agent. The Royals for the majority of the offseason have been quiet, but closing in on Spring Training makes Royals fans curious when Gordon will return if he returns.

What Will Gordon Do?

Throughout the season, Alex Gordon mentioned the idea of staying or retiring after the season ended. Royals reporter Jeffrey Flanagan states in a tweet, “The Royals are hoping to finalize a deal with Alex Gordon prior to FanFest.” The Royals are hosting FanFest on January 24th and 25th, meaning that if Flanagan’s statement is true, Gordon would accept a contract within the week.

What If Gordon Doesn’t Return?

As much as Kansas City loves Gordon, these are just rumors, there’s always the chance that he doesn’t return. In the 2018-19 offseason, the Royals signed Billy Hamilton to a $5.25 million contract. Hamilton only lasted half a year with the Royals organization as he was DFA’d in mid-August, giving Starling and Phillips the battle for center field. With the addition of Maikel Franco, who is planned to be the starting 3rd baseman, the addition of Franco moves Hunter Dozier to right field, bumping Merrifield to center field, giving Gordon the chance to complete the outfield. If Gordon does return, Starling and Phillips will either be moved to Triple-A or become platoon bats. If Gordon doesn’t return, there will be another battle in the outfield, unless the Royals sign a free agent that can hold the position.

What Would Gordon Bring In 2020?

Ever since the 2015 World Series, Gordon’s numbers have fallen down, which gave KC the idea of trading him or letting him retire sooner. Gordon had a big comeback season and surprised many people, having one of the best seasons in his so-far 12-year career. Winning his 7th Gold Glove Award in 2019, there’s no doubt he still has a top-notch cannon for an arm. That’s one aspect of Gordon that Kansas City will miss, seeing him throw out runners at home. In 150 games in 2019, Gordon had a .266 AVG,13 HR, 76 RBI, and a .345 OBP, just to list a few stats. He still has a top tier defense, and he can still hit the ball well. Gordon has said before that he’d rather drive in runs than be driven in. His 76 RBIs is his 3rd best year in that category. In 2017 Gordon had 99 hits, in 2018, he had 124 hits, and in 2019, he had 148 hits. If he keeps inclining, he could pass 160 hits, which from a soon to be 36- year old veteran outfielder, those aren’t bad numbers.


Overall, Gordon still may have a few years in him. Whether we want to bring back Gordon isn’t up to us, it’s up to the front office, and Alex Gordon himself. Expect news from Alex Gordon before FanFest, whether if it’s his retirement message, or him signing either one year deal or multi-year deal. Would you like to see Gordon return to the Royals for the next few years? It’s only a matter of time until we have an announcement, and Spring Training starts in 35 days (from January 17).

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Author: Ian Carpenter

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