The future of the Kansas City Royals

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This is a article on the Royals upcoming 2019 season in which so many people expect nothing less than a 100 or more losses.

As someone who care about the Royals and the passionate fans of the royals here in Kansas City I am aware of the currently slow free agent MLB market.

Many prominent writers both for and sports webpages have spoken on how so many MLB max level talent and great players might only expect to get mid level to potentially looking for minor league contracts. This juxtaposed against the supposed Kansas City Royals calamity that will and is about to ensue this Year.

I want to write to the Kansas City Royals to get a plan to bring this crop this Overflow of amazing baseball players and great talent and not have anyone Let alone Kansas City royals fans experience a wasted Season & a wasted year. My understanding about baseball doesn’t go into whom they should replace and who they can sign and place where.

My hope and my goal in this op Ed Article/( Piece) is to IMplore the & ask the leader& Management of the Kansas City Royals to Actively engage & Sign all the World Series Players & winners they can.

I write to encourage all the fans of the KC Royals to bring their joy this season their goal of winning a World Series Championship needs to be shown by the Mangers and the Leaders of the Kansas City Royals of anyone that wants to see a World Series Championship and to any fan that would & will enjoy a baseball game.

My best to the Kansas City Royals obtaining the 2019 World Series Championship and bring joy to their fans and bringing fun to those that attend Kansas City Royals baseball.

Anonymous Royal Fan is a Royals passionate Fan. When they can be found outside they can be seen enjoying Royals games and pursing bring Joy for Royals attend and to all the Kansas City Royals Fans

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