Way too early Royals Wild Card Roster Prediction

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Of course…. it is nice to dream a little bit!  True… there are 52 games remaining, but what the heck!

Here is my prediction if we were to make the wildcard.  Now, one of the most important things to consider is that the wildcard is a one-game series, so the 25-man roster can change after we win the game!  So, we do not need a whole bunch of starting pitchers!



  1. Salvador Perez – Catcher:  The best catcher in the American League and All-Star.  No question!
  2. Eric Hosmer – First Base:  All-Star with the 2nd best batting average in the American League.  No question!
  3. Lorenzo Cain – Center Field:  Should have a Gold Glove this season.  Has the 10th highest WAR in the American League for position players.  Absolutely!
  4. Mike Moustakas – Third Base:  All-Star with the 2nd most home runs in the American League.  Boom!
  5. Alcides Escobar – Shortstop:  Really, who else do we have at this posititon.  Besides, he is hitting .278 since June 1.  Gotta have him!
  6. Whit Merrifield – Second Base:  Ben Zobrist 2.0!  He is our second baseman, but can play anywhere if we need him there.  Bingo!
  7. Melky Cabrera – Right Field:  Great acquisition!  Switch hitter with power, hitting in the .290s.  Loved by the club.  Professional hitter.  He can also play left field!
  8. Danny Duffy – Starting Pitcher:  Since July 1, he has a 3.20 ERA, which is the best of any starter since July 1.  He is the guy to start the Wildcard Game.
  9. Alex Gordon – Left Field:  Ok…. he is close to the Mendoza line, but he has a great glove and leadership.  Will rise to the occasion in the playoffs! (I hope)
  10. Kelvin Herrera – Closing Pitcher:  He has been the closer so far this season, even though his consistency is questionable.  He he has playoff experience.  Gotta go with him!
  11. Mike Minor – Relief Pitcher:  Best lefty in the bullpen!  He can also pitch 2-3 innings if needed.  He's in!
  12. Jorge Bonifacio – Utility Outfield:  His playing time is going to decrease a bit for August and September, but he has power and can play left and right field.  Good rookie to have!


  1. Jason Hammel – Starting Pitcher:  He is improving greatly as the season progresses.   Need a starter to come in if Duffy falters early in a game.
  2. Drew Butera – Backup Catcher:  Gotta have a backup catcher.  He has power.  He is well-liked!  He plays well behind the plate.  Unselfish!  Great backup catcher!
  3. Brandon Moss – Designated Hitter:  He had a .284 average in the month of July.  Hopefully, he is out of his funk.  Great power and can play first or outfield if needed.  Ok… he is in!
  4. Peter Moylan – Relief Pitcher:  Great situational guy.  He has a 0.93 ERA since the first of June.  Gotta go with this veteran from down under!
  5. Joakim Soria – Relief Pitcher:  Has been a setup guy all season.  He is wobbling right now a bit, but he has given up only one home run all season.  He has to be in there!


  1. Scott Alexander – Relief Pitcher:  Rookie lefty has had a fair season so far.  He is in because he could go more than one inning and he is a lefty!  Good weapon to have.
  2. Ryan Buchter – Relief Pitcher:  Had two blown saves out of three opportunities with San Diego.  However, he is a lefty and his batters hitting .199 against him. Good acquisition.  Got him!
  3. Cheslor Cuthbert – Third Base:  He is off to a slow start in Omaha after the injury, but he could be the Colon of 2017 if he pinch hits.  Got him!
  4. Ramon Torres – Utility Infield:  I really like this guy.  Versatile.  He has a decent bat.  He has some speed.  I think he deserves to be on the Wildcard roster.
  5. Neftali Feliz – Relief Pitcher:  He scares me a bit, but he has done better in the American League than he was with Milwaukee.  Ok….maybe.  He might be our Franklin Morales of 2017.
  6. Brandon Maurer – Relief Pitcher:  His ERA is a bit scary in San Diego.  Batters were finding ways to hit against him.  But he had 20 saves with the Padres.  He can (kinda) handle pressure.  Ok…I guess (nice beard, though)
  7. Billy Burns – Utility Player:  He has very good speed as a pinch runner.  Better bat than Gore and plays the field better.  Gotta have a speed guy in there!
  8. Terrence Gore – Utility Player:  Ok… lets just be honest.  He is the pinch runner.  Worried that teams have figured him out.  But good to have Burns and Gore in there!


  1. Raul Mondesi – Utility Infield:  This was a tough call, but he seems to break under the pressure of the big leagues, but shines in Omaha.  He is not ready.  It is a tough call between him and Gore.  He is out in the Wildcard, but possible in the next series.
  2. Jason Vargas – Starting Pitcher:  Nothing against him, but you need to keep your #2 arm fresh for the game after the Wildcard.  He does not get the Wildcard start because he has a 7.23 ERA since July 1.  Hopefully, he comes around again.
  3. Ian Kennedy – Starting Pitcher:  He is the #4 starter right now and he is now doing very well lately.  He is out.  Bullpen people are who you need for the Wildcard
  4. Trevor Cahill – Starting Pitcher:  He is the #5 starter.  He did fair in San Diego, but if the Royals are in the playoffs, he is long-relief out of the bullpen
  5. Jorge Soler – Utility outfield:  Maybe he will do something when called up in September.  But it would have to be dramatic.  Otherwise…. absolutely no!
  6. Paulo Orlando – Utility outfield:  I really like Paulo, but I don't think he will be 100% by the time the postseason comes.  Sorry, but he is out!
  7. Kevin McCarthy – Relief Pitcher:  Sorry… he is too green!  Not ready for the big time.  He is out.
  8. Jake Junis – Starting Pitcher:  Same as McCarthy.  He is out!  Not ready yet!
  9. Miguel Almonte – Relief Pitcher:  Hell no!
  10. Brian Flynn:  Relief Pitcher:  Uh…. should not have been on top of that barn!  You could have been a contender!

Hopefully…. we are not in the Wildcard and we win the division.  But this would be my picks for the Wildcard game (against the Red Sox???)

**Edit 12:11 fixed Ramon Torres' name


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