How bad is Salvy’s injury?

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On Friday Night Royals catcher Salvador Perez was pulled from the game after what looked to be the same injury he had been plagued by for about a month now.  The Royals were quick to dismiss the injury every time prior to the game as one that won't get worse.  Well apparently Friday it did.  And now in the heat of a playoff race, we are without possibly the most important player on our team.  The really odd thing about this diagnosis is that the Royals are saying the injury will need about 12 days to heal, but many others outside of the team say it takes 4-6 weeks for a person to heal properly from an intercostal injury.  Knowing Salvy is made partially of Adamantium he probably will be ready to go in 12 days.  But it begs the question, "what if he is out 4-6 weeks?"

Tuesday we are supposed to learn more about Salvy's injury.  My bet is if he is out that long you will see a waiver trade for a catcher.  Kurt Suzuki is a name floating around, and one I would personally be in favor of.  Suzuki is a solid bat, especially at Kauffman it always felt like, and a good defender.  Defense is something we sort of take for granted with Salvy behind the dish. But if you have seen the last few games Butera has caught you now know why defense as a catcher is so important.  Twice in the past week Butera has clanked a ball causing a strikeout to become a base runner.  And yesterday it not only cost us an out, it ultimately turned into 4 runs as Jean Segura scored from second on the play, and then Nelly Cruz hit a 3-run homer in the following at-bat.  These things may seem small at the time but often will lead to bigger problems when you look back.  According to MLB Trade Rumors Nick Hundley and A.J. Ellis are two other possible targets for the Royals.  Both are better options than we have, but both will be big drops in offensive and defensive categories when compared to Perez. 

So because I don't think we can afford Butera behind the dish long term, and Cam Gallagher seems like a good kid, but I can't imagine he is ready for a pennant chase after making his Major League Debut, it is going to be time to look elsewhere.  This injury to Salvy is MUCH, MUCH, bigger than the Royals are letting on, and one that ultimately may sink the ship on this farewell voyage.  

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