Congratulations to Moose (and all of Kansas City)

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Take a bow Kansas City. A long, well-deserved bow. Mike Moustakas is a 2017 MLB All Star.

As media markets go, the Kansas City metropolitan area ranks 33rd in the nation. Hell, we’re not even the biggest media market in our own state (St Louis comes in at #21). Also keep in mind this does not include Oh Canada! So you can add Toronto, a city with the 4th largest population in North America, ahead of us on that list as well.

The competition? Didi Gregorius of the New York Yankees (the largest media market), Xander Bogaerts of the Boston Red Sox (the 8th largest media market), Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers (the 5th largest media market) and Logan Morisson (the 11th largest media market).

And yet given that enormous population disadvantage, we still found the way to #VoteMoose into the 2017 MLB All-Star game. We still showed that we have become undeniably one of the best fan bases in all of Major League Baseball. We still found a way to draw the fervid ire of countless east and west coasters who are just not okay with losing to a cow town in flyover country. Twitter, which on most days can be a roaring garbage fire of imbecility, was an absolute delight yesterday.

Let’s be perfectly clear here, Mike Moustakas has performed at a level deserving of an All Star game spot. He leads all MLB third baseman in home runs (25), is 5th in RBI (54) and has played the hot corner at a very high level.

But I also believe that voters and the ASG selection committee got it right. Jose Ramirez (the original fan selection) has had a tremendous season. Miguel Sano (selected as a reserve ahead of Moustakas) has arguably been just as good as Moose.

Even in this crazy world, sometimes it all ends up the way it should be. In terms of AL representation at 3B for the 2017 MLB All Star game, I believe that is the case.

Thank YOU Kansas City Royals fans for making that happen.





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Author: Zach Hodson

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