Opening Day Predictions

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FINALLY!!!!  It is here!  The most wonderful time of year is upon us!  OPENING DAY!

We here at Royals Blue have a time honored tradition of making predictions that would make the PECOTA people cry, and in John's case, make Royals Fan go wild!  So on this Holiest of holy days, here are what we at Royals Blue Predict for the 2017 season:

1. What will the Royals final record be this season?

Walker: After four straight years without a losing season, the Royals will make it 5 by going 87-75.

Luke: The Royals have a high ceiling, and also a relatively low floor. My prediction is 89 wins, but I would not be shocked if it is significantly less than that, and I would be shocked if it is significantly more. 

Zach: I think the offense will struggle to consistently score runs. Sure, they'll have more frequent high scoring games than we have seen in recent years. But I also see a lot of games where they pop a solo home run or two and that's it. As a whole, the lack of getting on base will end up hurting more than the increased slugging will help. However, I think the starting pitching is improved, the bullpen is strong enough and they still line up as an above average unit in terms of defense. I see them clawing through what will be a very tight race for a wildcard spot. They finish at 86-76

John: The Royals will finish second in the central, behind Cleveland, with a record of 89-73.

2. Post Season???

Walker: After riding the wave of excellence in 2014 and 2015, the Royals missed the playoffs in 2016.  They will buck that trend this year, making the wildcard game.  They will beat the Blue Jays yet in Toronto, and then cruise their way all the way to the World Series where they will face the defending champion Cubs.

Luke:We will be lucky to get there. Once there, it will all depend on what our rotation is at that time. Bottom line though….I just hope we make it.

Zach:  The AL is loaded with really solid teams. The West is going to be a bloodbath. The East is always strong. My rational side says this is not a year where 86 wins gets a Wildcard spot. I think they end up *just* on the outside looking in.
John: This will be enough to grab a wild card spot, where the starting or missing speed will cause The Royals to lose in the first round of the playoffs

3. Hot Dog Derby Winner

Walker: Mustard, why would there even be another winner?

Luke: Ketchup

Zach: Mustard.  If not, something is desperately wrong with our world.

John: Mustard

4. Will Hosmer finish the season with the Royals?

Walker:  Not only does he finish the season with us, he wins the A.L. MVP.  This leads to a Scott Boras weathergasm (similiar to that of Gary Lezak) and a 9 figure contract demand will take him away after the season.

Luke: Eric Hosmer will finish the season as a Royal. Not only that, he will sign an extension in the off-season if not before. The market will come back into the Royals front office comfort level, just as it did with Alex Gordon.

Zach: Yes. But if the wheels do fall off and they end up VERY out of it by June (which I think there is a less than 1% chance of that happening), I could see one of the AL West teams ponying up for half a year of his service. Again, that division is set up to be a hell of a battle this season and none of the teams have a better starting first baseman than Hos right now.

John: Hosmer will finish the season with The Royals.

5. Nostradomus(esq) Prediction

Walker: As I look into my magic 8 ball, I see signs of a water spectacular malfunction, leading to a new promotion of the Pepsi all-you can drink seats.   Later on they will find a Terrance Gore homerun ball was what lead to the malfunction. 

Luke: Salvador Perez will catch 178 regular season games. While this seems impossible, Ned will find a way!

Zach:The 2018-2020 Royals will not be nearly as bad as everyone is making them out to be. There is talent in this organization. True, it is not top shelf, big name talent like Hos, Moose, etc. But there are MLB level ball players in the making at all levels of our system. We'll be fine.

John: I predict The Washington Nationals will win the World Series, beating The Houston Astros in 6 games.   

As you can see we all have some different views on the season, but everyone is actually pretty close to the same on wins, and playoffs, even if Zach had to write a novel to explain it.  Naturally Luke is a moron when it comes to food, just check his twitter for further evidence.  And John still loves the Expos, no matter what their team name is, or city they call home. 
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