Moose earned the “Golden Sombrero”

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Mike Moustakas struck out for the fourth time in the game on Thursday against the Chicago White Sox, officially making it a "Golden Sombrero."  This became the 108th Golden Sombrero in franchise history.  In addition, there have been three "Olympic Rings" in franchise history (striking out five times in a single game).


The following is a list of every "Golden Sombrero" and "Olympic Ring" in franchise history.  If the name has a "P" in front of it, it was a pitcher.  If the name has a "+" in front of it, it means the event took place in an extra-inning game. (Check out Bo Jackson's history!)




JACKIE HERNANDEZ – June 6, 1969 @ Boston:  First Inning (Ray Culp), Sixth Inning (Ray Culp), Ninth Inning (Ray Culp), 11th Inning (Sparky Lyle)


JOE FOY – July 3, 1969 vs California:  Third Inning (Andy Messersmith), Fifth Inning (Andy Messersmith), Eighth Inning (Andy Messersmith), Ninth Inning (Ken Tatum) ~ last out of the game


(P) BILL BUTLER – August 20, 1969 vs New York:  Third Inning (Fritz Peterson), Fifth Inning (Fritz Peterson), Seventh Inning (Fritz Peterson), Eighth Inning (Jack Aker)


SCOTT NORTHEY – September 14, 1969 @ Minnesota:  First Inning (Tom Hall), Fourth Inning (Bob Miller), Seventh Inning (Bob Miller), Ninth Inning (Ron Perranoski)


+ELLIE RODRIGUEZ – June 13, 1970 vs New York:  Second Inning (Mike Kekich), Sixth Inning (Gary Waslewski), Eighth Inning (Ron Klimkowski), 10th Inning (Lindy McDaniel)


(P) DICK DRAGO – September 10, 1970 vs Milwaukee (2nd Game):  Third Inning (John Morris), Sixth Inning (John Morris), Sixth Inning (Gene Brabender), Seventh Inning (Wayne Twitchell)


PAT KELLY – September 20, 1970 @ Milwaukee:  First Inning (Skip Lockwood), Third Inning (Skip Lockwood), Fifth Inning (Skip Lockwood), Eighth Inning (Ken Sanders)


BOB OLIVER – May 7, 1971 @ Detroit:  First Inning (Mickey Lolich), Third Inning (Mickey Lolich), Seventh Inning (Mickey Lolich), Ninth Inning (Mickey Lolich)


(P) DICK DRAGO – June 12, 1971 vs Boston:  First Inning (Jim Lonborg), Third Inning (Jim Lonborg), Sixth Inning (Cal Koonce), Eighth Inning (Sparky Lyle)


(P) DICK DRAGO – July 1, 1971 @ California:  Second Inning (Andy Messersmith), Sixth Inning (Eddie Fisher), Eighth Inning (Eddie Fisher), Ninth Inning (Archie Reynolds)


(P) DICK DRAGO – July 11, 1972 @ Baltimore:  Second Inning (Jim Palmer), Fifth Inning (Jim Palmer), Seventh Inning (Jim Palmer), 10th Inning (Jim Palmer)


JIM WOHLFORD – June 26, 1974 vs Chicago:  First Inning (Jim Kaat), Fifth Inning (Jim Kaat), Ninth Inning (Rich Gossage), 12th Inning (Rich Gossage)


KURT BEVACQUA – October 2, 1974 @ Chicago:  Second Inning (Stan Bahnsen), Eighth Inning (Rich Gossage), 10th Inning (Rich Gossage), 12th Inning (Rich Gossage) ~ Last game for the Royals


HARMON KILLEBREW – April 7, 1975 @ California:  Second Inning (Nolan Ryan), Fourth Inning (Nolan Ryan), Sixth Inning (Nolan Ryan), Ninth Inning (Nolan Ryan) ~ Opening Day; First Game as a Royals player


FREDDIE PATEK – May 21, 1976 @ New York:  First Inning (Doc Medich), Third Inning (Doc Medich), Sixth Inning (Doc Medich), Eighth Inning (Doc Medich)


AMOS OTIS – August 23, 1976 @ Cleveland:  First Inning (Dennis Eckersley), Third Inning (Dennis Eckersley), Sixth Inning (Dennis Eckersley), Eighth Inning (Dennis Eckersley)


JOE ZDEB – July 1, 1978 @ Oakland:  First Inning (John Henry Johnson), Third Inning (John Henry Johnson), Fifth Inning (John Henry Johnson), Eighth Inning (John Henry Johnson)


CLINT HURDLE – September 24, 1978 @ Minnesota:  Second Inning (Dave Goltz), Fourth Inning (Dave Goltz), Sixth Inning (Dave Goltz), Ninth Inning (Dave Goltz)


U L WASHINGTON – September 19, 1979 vs California:  Second Inning (Nolan Ryan), Fourth Inning (Nolan Ryan), Sixth Inning (Nolan Ryan), Eighth Inning (Nolan Ryan)


HAL McRAE – June 23, 1980 @ Minnesota:  First Inning (Jerry Koosman), Third Inning (Jerry Koosman), Fifth Inning (Jerry Koosman), Seventh Inning (Jerry Koosman)


U L WASHINGTON – June 23, 1979 @ Minnesota:  First Inning (Jerry Koosman), Fifth Inning (Jerry Koosman), Seventh Inning (Jerry Koosman), Ninth Inning* (Jerry Koosman) ~ last out of the game


WILLIE WILSON – September 6, 1982 @ Seattle:  First Inning (Floyd Bannister), Third Inning (Floyd Bannister), Fifth Inning (Floyd Bannister), Eighth Inning (Floyd Bannister)


STEVE BALBONI – May 16, 1984 @ Chicago:  First Inning (Floyd Bannister), Fourth Inning (Floyd Bannister), Fifth Inning (Salome Barojas), Ninth Inning (Ron Reed)


BUDDY BIANCALANA – July 8, 1984 @ Baltimore:  Second Inning (Dennis Martinez), Fourth Inning (Dennis Martinez), Seventh Inning (Dennis Martinez), Ninth Inning (Tippy Martinez)


STEVE BALBONI – August 22, 1984 @ Boston:  First Inning (Bruce Hurst), Fourth Inning (Bruce Hurst), Fifth Inning (John Henry), Eighth Inning (John Henry)


HAL McRAE – August 24, 1986 @ Milwaukee:  First Inning (Teddy Higuera), Third Inning (Teddy Higuera), Sixth Inning (Teddy Higuera), 10th Inning* (Teddy Higuera) ~ ejected from game.


JIM SUNDBERG – August 30, 1986 vs Milwaukee:  Second Inning (Bryan Clutterbuck), Fourth Inning (Bryan Clutterbuck), Sixth Inning (Bryan Clutterbuck), Seventh Inning (Dan Plesac).


BO JACKSON – April 18, 1987 @ New York:  Second Inning (Dennis Rasmussen), Third Inning (Dennis Rasmussen), Fifth Inning (Dennis Rasmussen), Seventh Inning (Cecilio Guante), Ninth Inning (Dave Righetti)


BO JACKSON – June 3, 1987 @ Milwaukee:  Second Inning (Len Barker), Fourth Inning (Len Barker), Seventh Inning (Chris Bosio), Ninth Inning (Dan Plesac)


BO JACKSON – June 20, 1987 @ California:  First Inning (Jack Lazorko), Fourth Inning (Jack Lazorko), Sixth Inning (DeWayne Buice), Seventh Inning (DeWayne Buice)


BO JACKSON – July 18, 1987 vs Baltimore:  Second Inning (Mike Flanagan), Fourth Inning (Mike Flanagan), Sixth Inning (Doug Corbett), Eighth Inning (Doug Corbett)


BO JACKSON – August 17, 1987 @ Texas:  Second Inning (Paul Kilgus), Fourth Inning (Paul Kilgus), Sixth Inning (Paul Kilgus), Seventh Inning (Jeff Russell)


STEVE BALBONI – September 7, 1987 @ Anaheim:  Second Inning (Mike Witt), Fourth Inning (Mike Witt), Sixth Inning (Mike Witt), Eighth Inning (Mike Witt)


BO JACKSON – May 7, 1988 vs Milwaukee:  First Inning (Juan Nieves), Third Inning (Juan Nieves), Fifth Inning (Juan Nieves), Eighth Inning (Chuck Crim)


BO JACKSON – September 2, 1988 @ Minnesota:  Second Inning (Allan Anderson), Fifth Inning (Allan Anderson), Seventh Inning (Keith Atherton), Ninth Inning (Jeff Reardon)


BO JACKSON – September 19, 1988 @ Seattle:  Second Inning (Mark Langston), Fourth Inning (Mark Langston), Seventh Inning (Mark Langston), Ninth Inning (Mark Langston)


DANNY TARTABULL – September 21, 1988 @ Seattle:  First Inning (Erik Hanson), Third Inning (Erik Hanson), Fifth Inning (Erik Hanson), Eighth Inning (Erik Hanson)


BO JACKSON – September 25, 1988 @ Chicago:  Second Inning (Ravelo Manzanillo), Fourth Inning (Ravelo Manzanillo), Fifth Inning (John Davis), Eighth Inning (Barry Jones)


BO JACKSON – May 11, 1989 vs Texas:  Second Inning (Nolan Ryan), Fourth Inning (Nolan Ryan), Sixth Inning (Nolan Ryan), Ninth Inning (Nolan Ryan) ~ last out of the game


BO JACKSON – May 15, 1989 @ Minnesota:  Second Inning (Roy Smith), Fourth Inning (Roy Smith), Sixth Inning (Roy Smith), Eighth Inning (Juan Berenguer)


BO JACKSON – June 6, 1989 @ Seattle:  Second Inning (Scott Bankhead), Fourth Inning (Scott Bankhead), Sixth Inning (Scott Bankhead), Ninth Inning (Michael Jackson)


BO JACKSON – May 19, 1990 @ New York:  Second Inning (Mike Witt), Fourth Inning (Mike Witt), Sixth Inning (Mike Witt), 10th Inning (Lance McCullers)


MIKE MACFARLANE – May 19, 1990 @ New York:  Fifth Inning (Mike Witt), Eighth Inning (Jeff Robinson), Ninth Inning (Lance McCullers), 11th Inning (Lance McCullers)


BO JACKSON – June 5, 1990 vs California:  First Inning (Mark Langston), Third Inning (Mark Langston), Seventh Inning (Mark Eichhorn), Ninth Inning (Bryan Harvey)


BO JACKSON – June 10, 1990 @ Oakland:  First Inning (Bob Welch), Fifth Inning (Bob Welch), Seventh Inning (Bob Welch), Ninth Inning (Dennis Eckersley)


DANNY TARTABULL – July 8, 1990 @ Detroit:  First Inning (Lance McCullers), Third Inning (Lance McCullers), Fifth Inning (Dan Petry), Seventh Inning (Steve Searcy)


BO JACKSON – September 5, 1990 @ Chicago:  Second Inning (Greg Hibbard), Fourth Inning (Greg Hibbard), Seventh Inning (Greg Hibbard), Eighth Inning (Greg Hibbard)


PHIL HIATT – June 12, 1993 vs Chicago:  Second Inning (Alex Fernandez), Fifth Inning (Alex Fernandez), Seventh Inning (Alex Fernandez), 10th Inning (Alex Fernandez)


KEVIN McREYNOLDS – June 14, 1993 @ Seattle:  Second Inning (Randy Johnson), Fifth Inning (Randy Johnson), Seventh Inning (Randy Johnson), Ninth Inning (Norm Charlton) ~ last out of the game


GREG GAGNE – August 28, 1993 vs Boston:  Third Inning (Aaron Sele), Fifth Inning (Aaron Sele), Seventh Inning (Aaron Sele), Ninth Inning (Ken Ryan), 11th Inning (Jeff Russell)  ~ last out of the game


FELIX JOSE – April 25, 1994 vs Toronto:  Second Inning (Dave Stewart), Fourth Inning (Dave Stewart), Sixth Inning (Dave Stewart), Eighth Inning (Dave Stewart)


BOB HAMELIN – May 20, 1995 vs Oakland:  First Inning (Todd Stottlemyre), Fourth Inning (Todd Stottlemyre), Seventh Inning (Todd Stottlemyre), Ninth Inning (Mark Acre) ~ last out of the game


BOB HAMELIN – May 24, 1995 @ Toronto:  First Inning (David Cone), Fourth Inning (David Cone), Sixth Inning (David Cone), Seventh Inning (Woodie Williams), Ninth Inning (Danny Cox)


BOB HAMELIN – July 17, 1995 @ Boston:  First Inning (Jeff Suppan), Third Inning (Jeff Suppan), Seventh Inning (Rheal Cormier), Ninth Inning (Stan Belinda)


MICHAEL TUCKER – September 2, 1995 @ Texas:  Third Inning (Roger Pavlik), Fifth Inning (Roger Pavlik), Seventh Inning (Roger Pavlik), Ninth Inning (Jeff Russell)


MICHAEL TUCKER – April 27, 1996 @ Boston:  First Inning (Aaron Sele), Fourth Inning (Aaron Sele), Fifth Inning (Aaron Sele), Ninth Inning (Rich Garces)


CRAIG PAQUETTE – May 8, 1996 @ California:  First Inning (Chuck Finley), Fourth Inning (Chuck Finley), 11th Inning (Mike James), 13th Inning (Mark Eichhorn)


+JOSE OFFERMAN – June 15, 1996 vs Baltimore:  Second Inning (David Wells), Ninth Inning (Randy Myers), 11th Inning (Arthur Rhodes), 14th Inning (Roger McDowell)


SHANE HALTER – June 18, 1997 @ Seattle:  Third Inning (Randy Johnson), Fifth Inning (Randy Johnson), Seventh Inning (Randy Johnson), Ninth Inning (Randy Johnson)


JOSE OFFERMAN – June 29, 1997 vs Milwaukee:  First Inning (Scott Karl), Fifth Inning (Scott Karl), Seventh Inning (Ron Villone), Ninth Inning (Doug Jones) ~ last out of the game


YAMIL BENITEZ – August 7, 1997 vs Detroit:  Third Inning (Glenn DIshman), Fifth Inning (Glenn DIshman), Seventh Inning (Glenn DIshman), Ninth Inning (Dan Miceli)


+YAMIL BENITEZ – September 15, 1997 @ Texas:  Third Inning (Rick Helling), Fourth Inning (Wilson Heredia), Eighth Inning (Matt Whiteside), Ninth Inning (Danny Patterson)


ROD MYERS – September 23, 1997 @ Milwaukee (1st Game):  Third Inning (Scott Karl), Fifth Inning (Scott Karl), Seventh Inning (Alberto Reyes), Ninth Inning (Doug Jones) ~ last out of the game


JAY BELL – September 24, 1997 @ Milwaukee:  Seventh Inning (Bob Wickman), Ninth Inning (Doug Jones), 12th Inning (Mike Fetters), 14th Inning (Mike Fetters)


+FELIX MARTINEZ – April 3, 1998 @ Minnesota:  Second Inning (Brad Radke), Sixth Inning (Greg Swindell), Eighth Inning (Frankie Rodriguez), Ninth Inning (Todd Ritchie)


SAL FASANO – August 1, 1998 vs Baltimore:  Second Inning (Scott Kamieniecki), Fourth Inning (Scott Kamieniecki), Sixth Inning (Pete Smith), Eighth Inning (Alan Mills)


JEREMY GIAMBI – July 21, 1999 @ Detroit:  Second Inning (Justin Thompson), Fifth Inning (Justin Thompson), Seventh Inning (Justin Thompson), Eighth Inning (Doug Brocail)


DAVE McCARTY – May 5, 2000 vs Chicago:  Second Inning (Cal Eldred), Third Inning (Cal Eldred), Fifth Inning (Cal Eldred), Eighth Inning (Bob Howry)


MARK QUINN – May 13, 2000 @ Cleveland:  Fourth Inning (Dave Burba), Sixth Inning (Dave Burba), Eighth Inning (Sean DePaula), 10th Inning (Steve Karsay)


DAVE McCARTY – July 24, 2000 @ Chicago:  Second Inning (Mark Buehrle), Fifth Inning (Mark Buehrle), Seventh Inning (Bill Simas), Ninth Inning (Keith Foulke)


CARLOS BELTRAN – September 6, 2000 vs New York:  Second Inning (Orlando Hernandez), Fifth Inning (Orlando Hernandez), Seventh Inning (Orlando Hernandez), Ninth Inning (Mike Stanton)


JERMAINE DYE – September 8, 2000 vs Texas:  First Inning (Ryan Glynn), Fifth Inning (Ryan Glynn), Seventh Inning (Tim Crabtree), Ninth Inning (John Wetteland) ~ last out of the game


MIKE SWEENEY – May 25, 2001 vs Seattle:  First Inning (John Halama), Fourth Inning (Ryan Franklin), Seventh Inning (Ryan Franklin), Ninth Inning (Kazuhiro Sasaki) ~ last out of the game


BRANDON BERGER – June 18, 2002 @ Montreal:  Second Inning (Jim Brower), Fourth Inning (Jim Brower), Sixth Inning (Joey Eischen), Eighth Inning (T.J. Tucker)


AARON GUIEL – July 6, 2002 @ Chicago:  First Inning (Dan Wright), Third Inning (Dan Wright), Fifth Inning (Dan Wright), Eighth Inning (Rocky Biddle)


MICHAEL TUCKER – July 21, 2002 vs Cleveland:  Third Inning (CC Sabathia), Fifth Inning (CC Sabathia), Seventh Inning (Mark Wohlers), Ninth Inning (Bob Wickman)


MICHAEL TUCKER – August 7, 2002 @ New York:  Second Inning (Roger Clemens), Fifth Inning (Roger Clemens), Seventh Inning (Roger Clemens), Ninth Inning (Steve Karsay) ~ last out of the game


ANGEL BERROA – April 12, 2003 @ Cleveland:  Second Inning (CC Sabathia), Fourth Inning (CC Sabathia), Sixth Inning (David Riske), Eighth Inning (Carl Sadler)


KEN HARVEY – April 13, 2003 @ Cleveland:  First Inning (Ricardo Rodriguez), Third Inning (Ricardo Rodriguez), Seventh Inning (Ricardo Rodriguez), Ninth Inning (Danys Baez) ~ last out of the game


ANGEL BERROA – May 3, 2004 @ Toronto:  Third Inning (Justin Miller), Fifth Inning (Justin Miller), Eighth Inning (Valerio de los Santos), 10th Inning (Terry Adams)


BENITO SANTIAGO – May 3, 2004 @ Toronto:  Third Inning (Justin Miller), Fifth Inning (Justin Miller), Seventh Inning (Jason Frasor), Ninth Inning (Valerio de los Santos)


RUBEN GOTAY – April 24, 2005 vs Chicago:  First Inning (Orlando Hernandez), Third Inning (Orlando Hernandez), Sixth Inning (Cliff Politte), Ninth Inning (Mike Wood)


AARON GUIEL – September 29, 2005 @ Minnesota:  First Inning (Joe Mays), Fourth Inning (Joe Mays), Sixth Inning (Travis Bowyer), Eighth Inning (Matt Guerrier)


MARK TEAHEN – April 7, 2006 vs Chicago:  Second Inning (Jon Garland), Fourth Inning (Jon Garland), Sixth Inning (Jon Garland), Eighth Inning (Matt Thornton)


REGGIE SANDERS – June 15, 2006 @ Anaheim:  First Inning (John Lackey), Third Inning (John Lackey), Sixth Inning (John Lackey), Eighth Inning (Francisco Rodriguez)


EMIL BROWN – August 16, 2006 @ Chicago:  First Inning (Jose Contreras), Fourth Inning (Jose Contreras), Seventh Inning (Jose Contreras), Eighth Inning (Mike MacDougal)


TONY PENA, Jr. – August 4, 2007 @ New York:  Second Inning (Phil Hughes), Fourth Inning (Phil Hughes), Sixth Inning (Brian Bruney), Eighth Inning (Luis Vizcaino)


JOSE GUILLEN – April 22, 2008 vs Cleveland:  First Inning (CC Sabathia), Fourth Inning (CC Sabathia), Sixth Inning (CC Sabathia), Ninth Inning (Rafael Betancourt)


MIKE JACOBS – September 19, 2009 @ Chicago:  Second Inning (Jake Peavy), Third Inning (Jake Peavy), Sixth Inning (Randy Williams), Ninth Inning (Scott Linebrink)


JOSE GUILLEN – April 29, 2010 @ Tampa Bay:  Second Inning (Matt Garza), Third Inning (Matt Garza), Sixth Inning (Matt Garza), Eighth Inning (Dan Wheeler)


JOSE GUILLEN – May 25, 2010 vs Texas:  Second Inning (Rich Harden), Third Inning (Rich Harden), Fifth Inning (Rich Harden), Seventh Inning (Darren O’Day)


ALEX GORDON – May 25, 2011 @ Baltimore:  First Inning (Jake Arrieta), Fifth Inning (Jake Arrieta), Seventh Inning (Jim Johnson), Ninth Inning (Mike Gonzalez) ~ last out of the game


JEFF FRANCOEUR – June 16, 2011 @ Oakland:  First Inning (Gio Gonzalez), Third Inning (Gio Gonzalez), Seventh Inning (Joey Devine), Ninth Inning (Grant Balfour)


JEFF FRANCOEUR – June 29, 2011 @ San Diego:  Second Inning (Tim Stauffer), Fourth Inning (Tim Stauffer), Sixth Inning (Tim Stauffer), Eighth Inning (Chad Qualls)


ALEX GORDON – July 5, 2011 @ Chicago:  First Inning (Jake Arrieta), Third Inning (Jake Arrieta), Seventh Inning (Jim Johnson), Ninth Inning (Mike Gonzalez)


ALEX GORDON – August 23, 2011 @ Toronto:  First Inning (Brandon Morrow), Second Inning (Brandon Morrow), Fourth Inning (Brandon Morrow), Eighth Inning (Joel Carreno)


JARROD DYSON – May 22, 2012 @ New York:  First Inning (Phil Hughes), Third Inning (Phil Hughes), Fifth Inning (Phil Hughes), Seventh Inning (Boone Logan)


MIKE MOUSTAKAS – July 13, 2012 vs Chicago:  Fourth Inning (Jose Quintana), Fifth Inning (Jose Quintana), Ninth Inning (Leyson Septimo), 13th Inning (Dylan Axelrod)


MIKE MOUSTAKAS – August 21, 2012 @ Tampa Bay:  Second Inning (David Price), Fifth Inning (David Price), Eighth Inning (David Price), 10th Inning (Joel Peralta)


BILLY BUTLER – August 26, 2012 @ Boston:  First Inning (Jake Peavy), Third Inning (Jake Peavy), Fifth Inning (Will Ohman), Ninth Inning (Chris Sale)


ERIC HOSMER – September 9, 2012 @ Chicago:  Second Inning (Hector Santiago), Fourth Inning (Hector Santiago), Seventh Inning (Nate Jones), 10th Inning (Leyson Septimo)


LORENZO CAIN – June 19, 2013 @ Cleveland:  First Inning (Justin Masterson), Fourth Inning (Justin Masterson), Fifth Inning (Justin Masterson), Seventh Inning (Bryan Shaw)


ERIC HOSMER – June 4, 2014 vs St. Louis:  First Inning (Adam Wainwright), Fourth Inning (Adam Wainwright), Sixth Inning (Adam Wainwright), Ninth Inning (Trevor Rosenthal) ~ advanced in the ninth inning on wild pitch


OMAR INFANTE – June 20, 2014 vs Seattle:  First Inning (Hisashi Iwakuma), Fourth Inning (Hisashi Iwakuma), Seventh Inning (Tom Wilhelmsen), Ninth Inning (Fernando Rodney)


LORENZO CAIN – June 30, 2014 @ Minnesota:  First Inning (Yohan Pino), Third Inning (Yohan Pino), Fifth Inning (Yohan Pino), Ninth Inning (Anthony Swarzak)


LORENZO CAIN – August 16, 2014 @ Minnesota:  Second Inning (Phil Hughes), Fourth Inning (Phil Hughes), Seventh Inning (Phil Hughes), Ninth Inning (Glen Perkins)


ALEX GORDON – May 6, 2015 vs Cleveland:  First Inning (Carlos Carrasco), Third Inning (Carlos Carrasco), Sixth Inning (Carlos Carrasco), Seventh Inning (Carlos Carrasco)


LORENZO CAIN – September 20, 2015 @ Detroit:  Second Inning (Alfredo Simon), Fourth Inning (Alfredo Simon), Seventh Inning (Jeff Ferrell), Ninth Inning (Al Albuquerque)


LORENZO CAIN – April 8, 2016 vs Minnesota:  First Inning (Ervin Santana), Third Inning (Ervin Santana), Fifth Inning (Ervin Santana), Seventh Inning (Ryan Pressly)


PAULO ORLANDO – August 24, 2016 @ Miami:  First Inning (Jose Fernandez), Second Inning (Jose Fernandez), Fifth Inning (Jose Fernandez), Seventh Inning (Jose Fernandez)

MIKE MOUSTAKAS – April 26, 2017 @ Chicago:  First Inning (Jose Quintana), Third Inning (Jose Quintana), Fifth Inning (Jose Quintana), Ninth Inning (David Robinson)

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