X-Rays Negative for Slavy

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News coming from Jalisco, Mexico is very positive for Royals catcher Salvador Perez.  Salvy was injured on one of the strangest plays I have seen in a while, by none other than Royals back-up catcher Drew Butera.  In a tied ball game in the 9th inning, Drew Butera decided to try and score the game winning run on an ill-advised dash for home. Even more bizarre was the fact that Team Venezuela pitcher Fransico Rodriquez decided to cut the throw off, and then throw an errant throw to Perez who was heading up the line to catch the initial throw.  Butera meanwhile was caught up the line, directly in front of the outstretched Salvy.  Drew went to slide, very awkwardly, and ended up almost rolling into Salvy's leg. The contact looked very slight, but Salvy's foot got caught under Butera, and a slight back bending of the knee was seen.  Salvy went down in a heap, and had to be walked off the field. 

After all this, Salvador Perez went through an MRI and X-Ray in Jalisco which both came back negative for any structural damage.  There is some swelling, but all the ligaments seem intact and healthy (or as healthy as a guy that has caught as many games as Salvy has could expect).  Salvy seems done for the World Baseball Classic.  Though his team plays tonight for a chance to advance to the second round in San Diego against Team USA.  Team USA finished second in their group after a collapse by Andrew Miller in the 8th allowing team Dominican Republic to win the group outright after being down by 5 runs late in the game. 

As for Salvy you probably won't see him in any Spring Training games in the near future, but I don't expect him to miss any regular season time.  He has taken to social media to say he is ok, and that he expects to be in the line-up on Opening Day!  This is all good news, especially for Drew Butera, who will now get to go back to backing up Salvy instead of being public enemy number one. 

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