Royals Break Camp

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After an extended Spring Training (thanks to the awesome World Baseball Classic), the Kansas City Royals have finally broke camp, and are headed back to Kansas City….Well sort of. They are going to make a quick stop in Texas for a few exhibition games, then go to Minnesota to open the season, and another trip back to Texas to play the Astros.  But then, on April 10th, they will be officially home!  And not a moment too soon…  I don't know about you guys, but I am ready for some games that count!  And I know Luke is ready for his Pulled Pork Funnel Cake Popper! 

Ned Yost announced his starting line-up yesterday on a few of the media outlets in KC:

1. Alex Gordon LF

2. Mike Moustakas 3b

3. Lorenzo Cain CF

4. Eric Hosmer 1b

5. Salvador Perez C

6. Brandon Moss DH

7. Paulo Orlando RF

8. Alcides Escobar SS

9. Raul Mondesi 2b

With Danny Duffy starting at Pitcher, and Kelvin Herrera as your closer. 

At the beginning of Spring Training this line-up might had seem a little diffrent, but with injuries to Jorge Soler, and Raul Mondesi out preforming even his own skippers expectations things started to fall in line. 

This year it will be vital to the team to get out to a hot start.  With so many free agent contracts, it is imperative that they get out of the gates fast.  Otherwise we may see the systematic sell off of many of the core players. 

That being said, I am ready for baseball, and as pessimistic as I was at the beginning of the Winter, I have somehow totally reversed my feelings, and think this team has a real shot at another postseason run! 

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