Twitter Talks: The Wade Davis / Jorge Soler trade

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Many across #Royals nation shed a tear or two this week as “the man, the myth, the machine” Wade Davis was dealt to the Chicago Cubs in return for outfielder Jorge Soler.

We at Royals Blue tout ourselves as a blog for and by the fans, so we took to Twitter to get some instant fan reaction.





On what Soler needs to do in a #Royals uniform for this trade to be a success …

@rednblack564 – he needs to be the player that his potential says he is no more no less

@SharonFleitman – Hit a lot of balls, track down a lot of fly balls and throw a lot of people out.

@rock_climber02 – he needs to be a true corner OF bat. 25+ HR, at least avg D and not strike out 170+ times.

@TheTacoSalazar – play half the time and improve each year

@THE_WilliamG – 90 RBIs

@Eric_Clarkson – Soler needs to average – at minimum – 25 hr/100 RBI over next 4 years

@Made_Dad – try not to suck

@sawmillthug – .280, 20-30 HR, 75-85 RBI per year, throw in an AS appearance

@cwatts559 – all star team

@RoyalDadKC – 25+ dingers, 25+ bat flips

@Sc00terKC – .300 & 25+ HR

@57jmac – 280/385/495

@Jarad1KC1 – .270, 30+ HR and a sub 2.00 ERA

@loynograd98 – break bye bye Balboni’s  HR record

@Tatorsdad – be a #Royals game changer


wade davis

On how Wader will do for the #Cubs next year …

@NickWright96 – save 45 games, Probably regress a tad on ERA but they score so many runs anyways it doesn’t matter

@jeremiahhill54 – He’ll do alright. I wish nothing but the best for him!



On the initial news of the trade officially happening …

@sawmillthug – always hate seeing good guys leave. He quickly became a fan favorite. Tough decisions have to be made though.

@Bgomez1977 – the best relief pitcher in baseball for a 4th or 5th outfielder. #Royals need to get more in return. #BadTrade

@iamyatzee – meh means we don’t like it but won’t change anything if we have it so I’m going to be optimistic

@trailerparkland – One year of team control, potential arm issues, and the new QO system = solid deal for us.

@joemcadam – Depends on Dyson and Cain


We want to hear your voice, #Royals fans. Hit us up at @royalsblue_com with your thoughts.




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Author: Zach Hodson

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