Respect for the AL Central!

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The American League Central has had six teams in the World Series since 2005 and have four of the last five.  When will they get the credit they deserve?

While the 2016 season may have been disappointing for Royals fans, another division rival, the Cleveland Indians, won the American League Pennant over the hated Toronto Blue Jays, making it two years in a row the Blue Jays have lost the American League Championship Series.  I know this doesn’t make 2016 feel any better for Royals fans, however, here is something that should…

The American League Central has won four of the last five American League Pennants and have had six AL Pennant winners since 2005.  Every team in the division, with the exception of the Minnesota Twins, has made the World Series at least once.  The Central is the only division that can make that claim and, still, all we hear about is the American League East.

Pennant Winners by Division 2005 – Present*


No. of Pennant Winners

Teams to have won Pennant

American League East


3 (Boston, New York, Tampa Bay)

American League Central


4 (Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City)

American League West


1 (Texas)

National League East


2 (New York, Phildelphia)

National League Central


2 (Houston, St. Louis)

National League West


2 (Colorado, San Francisco)

* – As of publication, 2016 National League Pennant had yet to be determined



It’s true, the teams in the Central don’t have the storied past of the Yankees and Red Sox and, yes, for a long time the Central was bad.  However, you cannot deny the results of Central teams.



American League Central Postseason Teams, 2005 – Present



Postseason Result


Chicago White Sox

Won World Series vs. Houston, 4-0


Minnesota Twins

Lost ALDS vs. Oakland, 3-0


Detroit Tigers

Lost World Series vs. St. Louis, 4-1


Cleveland Indians

Lost ALCS vs. Boston, 4-3


Chicago White Sox

Lost ALDS vs. Tampa Bay, 3-1


Minnesota Twins

Lost ALDS vs. New York, 3-0


Minnesota Twins

Lost ALDS vs. New York, 3-0


Detroit Tigers

Lost ALCS vs. Texas, 4-2


Detroit Tigers

Lost World Series vs. San Francisco, 4-0


Detroit Tigers

Lost ALCS vs. Boston, 4-2


Cleveland Indians

Lost ALWC vs. Tampa Bay, 4-0


Detroit Tigers

Lost ALDS vs. Baltimore, 3-0


Kansas City Royals

Lost World Series vs. San Francisco, 4-3


Kansas City Royals

Won World Series vs. New York, 4-1


Cleveland Indians

Won ALCS vs. Toronto, 4-1…WS TBD

In that time frame, the American League Central is 9-7 in rounds against the American League East.  This also shows the parity and competitiveness of the Central.  The Detroit Tigers lead the pack with five postseason appearances, followed by the Indians and Twins with three and Chicago and Kansas City with two.  

These statistics really show how tough of a division the American League Central is, and, makes what the Royals accomplished even more remarkable, considering they had to survive a tough division that got them ready for the postseason.

The Central used to be the laughingstock of Major League Baseball.  Now they’ve become arguably the best division in baseball and they do it without the big payrolls of Los Angeles or New York.

Just remember, the East may get all the air time, however, the road to the Pennant goes through the heartland.





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