NFL Writer Continues Hating the Royals

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La Canfora

“la Canfora” translates from Italian to English as “camphor”




In my lifetime, I’ve *hated* one team. The Denver Broncos. I still hate them. I hate them because they are good and often beat my team, the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve been good for a long, long time. It is a hatred that has developed over years and years of games. They play in the same division as my team. I feel my hatred is justified. Some (Broncos fans) would probably call my hate jealousy. So be it, they aren’t wrong. I own it. I hate them because they are almost always good. I want the Broncos to lose every time they take the field, against any opponent. Thanks to Jason La Canfora, I might hate two teams now. I am most definitely rooting for any team playing the Orioles from this point until the end of the 2016 season and postseason, if only to add to Mr. La Canfora’s frustration.

Over the last two years, a professional football writer (CBS), Jason La Canfora has seemingly developed a bizarre hatred, bordering on obsession, for the Kansas City Royals. It all started after his Baltimore Orioles were swept in the 2014 American League Championship Series. Wait, Jason, I thought you were a Boston Red Sox fan? Whatever. Following the sweep, La Canfora called the Royals “clowns” and claims they “over celebrated” after some big hits. Appalling! How dare athletes celebrate after big hits in postseason games!

La Canfora wanted the Royals to get “swept right out of the World Series” in the 2014 (

La Canfora has not relented. That series was two years ago, and he can’t let it go, repeatedly calling the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals “#frauds,” “jackass Royals,” and “bush league.” The club that swept his team in the 2014 American League Championship Series, 4-0, and has split evenly with the Orioles their regular season games, 10-10, over the past 3 seasons (KC: 4-3 in 2014 and 2015, Baltimore 4-2 in 2016) is a “fraud.” As Royals broadcaster, Ryan Lefebvre so perfectly responded to a passing Orioles fan, shouting “Kansas City sucks!” while live on air, “Well…what does that say about the Orioles, then?”


La Canfora has every right to be a fan, however a professional sports writer playing the role of social media troll is anything but professional. Interacting with fans, and having a little fun is welcomed, and, when this all started, that is how I viewed it. When he was still at it in spring of 2015, it was odd. In late 2015 as he was name calling and contradicting his own criticisms of Royals players actions, suggesting Orioles players and others try “figuring out which guy most worthy of drilling” or “one might just get away from you,” it was old and tired. At that point his act was seemingly wearing on Orioles fans as well, with some responding “You are bitter to the core” and “Please stop making O’s fans look bad.”


Now it is 2016 and La Canfora is embarrassing himself. Even if this bizarre obsession is in jest, it looks bad. If the Royals are irrelevant and such frauds, how can they consume so much of his time? Move on and find another dead horse to beat. Own the fact that you are jealous the Royals did something your beloved Orioles couldn’t do. Maybe claim a life as a long suffering Chicago Cubs fan, now that they are the favorite for the 2016 World Series? One can move on from the Orioles just as easily as they did the Red Sox, right? Who is the real “fraud?” Who is the real “clown?”

getpart-11getpart-10getpart-9getpart-8getpart-7getpart-6Seriously, though…who is the real fraud and clown? #FraudsStealContent




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Author: Conrad McGorkin

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