Royalty in the White House!

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Today (July 21st if you're reading this on another day) the White House officially welcomes true Royalty.  The Kansas City Royals will be recognized for their World Championship in 2015 by President Obama, and the rest of the White House Staff.  One staffer is especially excited to see the Royals!  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is a huge Royals fan.  Born in Kansas City, Earnest attended Barstow High School, before heading on to run the White House Press Conferences.  You may have seen a Royals coffee mug on the official White House Podium from time to time, thanks to Earnest.

On the agenda is a trip to that White House Briefing room, a tour of the White House, and meeting with the President himself.  The Royals brought the nearly all front office staff, players, coaches, announcers and others.  And some distinguished guests that have been invited to take part are Kansas City's "Frosty" Mayor Sly James, Royals Hall of Famer, Frank White, and Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett.  This will be the first trip for a team from Kansas City since Sporting Kansas City was honored in October of 2014, and a first trip for the Royals since the '85 team was welcomed by President Ronald Reagan.

There is no word yet if Salvy will be dumping Gatorade on anyone, but I have been told the Secret Service has inspected several large orange cylinders.

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