Royals Once Again Labeled Bad Boys — Without Even Playing a Single Game

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A national narrative reared it ugly head again with two of the laziest, misinformed, clickbait columns written this off-season regarding the new bad boys of baseball, The Kansas City Royals. 

   Early Tuesday morning, Marc Carig of New York Newsday wrote the Royals seek "retribution" for the high and tight offered by Noah Syndagaard to Alcides Escobar on the first pitch of game 3 and his mouthing off afterwords. Specifically, Syndagaard invited the Royals to meet him at "60 feet 6 inches" if they had a problem with him pitching inside.  It was such a juicy column written by the New Yorker. It showed the Royals as team with a Napolean complex and one completely unwilling to let go of past incidents.

 It showed the Royals as being petty.  Nevermind the fact that the "source" of the entire article, one that was picked up by at least 3 other national news sites, was "multiple industry" sources.  What does that even mean? Bob the assistant to the traveling secretary in Cleveland (he's in the industry) heard from a friend the Royals were hell bent on exacting revenge to Thor and passed the info on to Mr. Carig?  Not to mention not one single Royals player was sought for a quote in the article. 

   Before the dust could even settle from Carig's article, a real bombshell piece came out in the afternoon from Fox Sports Dieter Kurtenbach headlined "The Vigilante Royals are a Big Part of Baseball's Big Problem".  Its premise was even less informed than Carig's.  Paraphrasing, it basically said the Royals are the new  standard bearers of baseball's oft-debated "unwritten rules" and the Royals are idiots for being angry.  He  also stated teams like the Royals are  why the youth of today are not flocking to watch baseball.  One problem, albeit large one with this arguement…no team in baseball thumbs it's nose at baseball's unwritten rules more than the Kansas City Royals.  He also noted the Royals caused six bench clearing brawls in 2015 as the team searched for something to galvanize themselves and find some team chemistry.

link to Crig story
link to Kurtenbach story

   So there you go.  Before even one pitch is thrown in the 2016 season, the Royals are everything that is wrong with MLB.  Ah yes, this version of the Royals are out not so much to defend their World Series title, more so  their manhood.  And I say, what a complete, utter crock these national writers have conjured up. 

   As desribed by Ned Yost all off-season this team understands and is shooting for its shot at history.  To become a true dynasty the likes MLB has not seen in some time. 

   Besides this obvious fact, these national guys truly are missing the fact that the Kansas City Royals are exactly the kind of team baseball needs to get younger generations watching baseball.  They play ridiculously aggressive, they play all out and they have a ton of fun doing it.  But now the focus of what defines this team, at least nationally will be the bad boy Royals.  This Bill Lambier-esque team that cleared benches 6 times a year ago.  What's lost in this is the Royals were the instigators only once in any of the "brawls" and that was Ventura mouthing off to Mike Trout.  All other incidents were started by the other team or blame was 50/50. 

It's too bad really.  I guess it means us here in Kansas City will be the only ones watching, appreciating and loving the Royals as they play beautiful defense, put the ball in play and run like hell, and use a bullpen all of baseball drools over.  We will be the ones basking in the glory of being defending champs while nationally they keep digging futilly for false narratives and vigilante innuendo.  Yes, here in Kansas City we will keep being #foreverRoyal.

   One last thing.  I must say the Royals did take the bait and go to  meet Noah 60 feet 6 inches away at the end of game 5.  Problem was he wasn't there.






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Author: Brian Plumer

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