Sports Illustrated’s ‘Sportsman of the Year’ and the Kansas City Royals

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Have you voted yet?  Obviously you have, this is a Royals fan I am talking to.  But perchance you favor another team, and just so happened to stumble onto our site, maybe you were unaware the Kansas City Royals are up for as Sports Illustrated's 'Sportsman of the Year.'  This award is a popular vote contest, and the winner will be revealed on December 15th when S.I. crowns the person, team, or equine, the people feel most embody the spirit of a champion, with a heart of a gold (I should seriously write their tags for these awards).

Up against the Royals are a list of incredible competitors, any of whom are winners in my eyes, but here is a break down of the competition.  Running in second place for the first time in it's career, triple crown winner, American Pharaoh is as of right now, just 1% point behind the Royals.  As of yesterday Pharaoh was ahead by a nose, but with some jocking in position the Royals have nudged her out.  With your help we are looking to put her a furlong behind (see what I did there).  In third was the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi.  This soccer god is a tremendous athlete and leads all individual humans in the standings, but is a few legs back in the standings.  behind him is a log jam of wonderful athletes: Usain Bolt, Ronda Rousey, Serena Williams, Thomas Davis, Simone Biles, Steph Curry, Novak Djokavic, Carli Lloyd, and Jordan Spieth.

So as you can see some real deserving people are out there, but their is only one TEAM.  One group of people that embodied the true essence of this award.  One conglomerate of compassion, caring, and courage.  This team unified the hearts and minds of millions across the mid-west, and pretty much everywhere else, but Canada…and Houston…and New York.  A group that brought 800,000 people together to celebrate and revel in peace and harmony.  So I ask you World, "Which of these deserving groups did the most for the world?"  I think the answer is obvious.  The Kansas City Royals, once again should 'Take the Crown!'


To vote for the Royals, just visit this link:

To vote for anyone else please visit this link:

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