Your Royals World Series Edition Podcast is HERE!!!!!

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Happy World Series Day Everyone!

To celebrate the Royals annual trip to the Fall Classic the guys here at Royals Blue decided to get together and record for you a special edition podcast.  In this edition of the Royals Blue Podcast we take a look back at the road the Royals took to get to the World Series. 

We also take a look at the New York Metropolitans and how they matchup against these Royals.  Zach dazzles us with his Host Brawl, and we reach deep into my mail bag for the hard hitting questions you in listener land wanted to know.  

So as you count down the hours until game time, have a listen won't you.

As always you can listen to the podcast directly on our site by clicking on the podcast tab, or you can go to and stream us from there.  Luke also wanted me to tell you to subscribe to us via, tuned-in radio, and like 15 others, but that seems like way too much work, so just go where you want to listen to us.  After all, with Halloween coming up this will be like candy for your ears, and you won't have to hear all those annoying Frozen Princesses singing about snowmen and what not!!!

As a personal point, we would just like to say thank you to the listeners out there that have been with us all year.  We know there are other, much more boring, Royals Podcasts out there.  So it is awesome to see just how many of you are picking us to listen!  Thanks from all of us here, and LETS GO ROYALS!!!!!!!!!!!

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