Should You Really Doubt the Royals?

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What’s the point in doubting the Royals anymore?

Going into the ALDS, there were some major doubters of the Royals. Having just finished up a below .500 September, very few thought they could hold their own like they did last year in the playoffs. Many even went as far as to say that Kansas City would be swept in three games by the young Houston Astros team.

With a terrible loss in the first game, there was absolutely no way they could bounce back to do anything relevant, or so we thought. After being down 4-1 at one point in Game 2, the Royals came from behind 5-4. With the series tied at one all, the Royals were heading to Houston to face Dallas Keuchel, and of course, only scored two runs that game.

After losing to Dallas Keuchel, something magical happened, or so it would appear. In the 8th inning of Game 4, an elimination game for Kansas City, the Royals were down 6-2 after back-to-back long balls from Carlos Correa and Colby Rasmus, EVERYONE, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who tweet-jinxed the Astros (and Rangers) in pretty hilarious fashion, wrote off the 2015 season.

What happened after that was, quite simply, amazing. Long story short, the Royals went back to THEIR style of baseball, you know, instead of trying to out-homer everyone. They stormed back to win that baseball game 9-6, and eventually took Game 5, 7-2, to send Houston back home, to where there would be NO teams playing in the ALCS. Yeah, IN YOUR FACE, GOVERNOR ABBOTT.

Now, as we sit here in anticipation for the ALCS to begin against the Toronto Blue Jays, there are a few questions and concerns that come to mind.


Why are the Royals starting Edinson Volquez in Game 1?

The Game One matchup features Edinson Volquez and David Price. In Volquez’s first start this postseason, he threw 5.2 innings, and allowed three earned runs. There have been some questions as to why Volquez is getting the ball instead of Yordano Ventura. Just for clarification, Ventura pitched on Monday, so that would only put him at three days rest. The only other option is to go to Kris Medlin and Chris Young, and just make it a bullpen game.


Will the Royals hold their own in Toronto?

Obviously, you can’t KNOW whether they will or not. Kansas City was swept in Toronto, but the Royals have the upperhand at Kauffman. With Kansas City having home field advantage, there’s no reason this series shouldn’t go AT LEAST six games.


Is Cueto a one-and-done?

Dayton Moore traded for an ace in July. It took awhile, but that ace finally emerged in Game 5 of the ALDS when Johnny Cueto threw an 8-inning gem to send the Astros packing. As unreliable as he’s been, questions surrounding the soon-to-be free agent are warranted. After September’s collapse, which featured an ERA over six for Cueto, many are hoping that giving up about six years of control for some top prospects for just a few months of Cueto will pay off in this postseason.


Can Ventura handle the pressure?

Did you watch Game 6 of the World Series last year? He’ll be fine.

Kansas City has shown us every reason why they shouldn’t be doubted, and they may do that again this series.

But since being negative worked so well in the ALDS, the Blue Jays will win in six.



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Author: Sarah Davis

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