Postseason Mailbag: Your questions regarding the postseason.

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Answering fan questions regarding the postseason

It’s that time of year.  The tempretures are dropping, leaves will soon be changing, and fall baseball is upon us.  Some of you still think that the Royals will somehow go all 2008 Milwaukee Brewers and miss October entirely.  Here’s an easy answer to that, they have a 10-game lead with 20 games left and, despite losing seven of their last nine, Baseball Prospectus still has the Royals at “only” a 100% chance of making the playoffs and ALDS, so, there’s that.

The best bit of advice I can give you is listen to the Green Day song Wake Me Up When September EndsThat’s pretty much where I’m at right now at this point in time.  Also, when the Royals are losing, replay the <insert 2014 Royals Postseason moment here> on loop on YouTube.  This should get you somewhat amped for the postseason.

Anyway, let’s take some of your questions:

@ChrisTill1985 @RoyalsBlue_com @BlueJays will pass up #Royals by end of week for AL best record.  How long until AL West pass Royals too?  ~James Daro, Jr.

Thanks for the question, James.  First off, I’m not 100% sold the Blue Jays will pass the Royals for the best record in the American League by the end of the week.  This isn’t to say this won’t happen or that the Royals won’t lose home-field advantage.  It’s just saying the Royals could break out of it at any moment and the Blue Jays can go into a slump.  It’s baseball, anything can happen.

For the second part of your question, it won’t happen.  The Astros currently sit at 77-66, which is eight games behind the Royals.  Also, Houston isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire as they’ve lost six of their last ten.  Therefore, the odds of them having home-field advantage, at least for the Division Series, is very, very good.  The odds of them having home-field advantage throughout the playoffs?  I’d put that as greater than 50%, though, certainly not a lock.


@ChrisTill1985 @RoyalsBlue_com Is Gore on the post season roster  ~Adam

If there is one thing Ned Yost can not get enough of, it’s speed, especially coming off the bench late in the game.  The Royals, by my count, have twenty-two spots solidified on the postseason roster (two catchers, six infielders, four outfielders, and ten pitchers).  You have to expect that Ned Yost will have Johnny Gomes on the roster to come off the bench to face lefties late, so, there is one of the three.  The good thing about having Ben Zobrist is that he can play all the positions, which is why I don’t think you’ll have to have any more infielders with Omar Infante being able to come off the bench, if necessary, late in games.  I think Yost may go with only ten pitchers with Wade Davis, Kelvin Herrera, Greg Holland, Ryan Madson, and Franklin Morales being the relievers and either Danny Duffy or Kris Medlen being long relievers.

This still leaves two spots.  I would not be surprised to see Paulo Orlando occupy one of those spots and, considering how much of a luxury it is to have a guy like Gore pinch-run in the late innings, I would think the chances of Terrance Gore being on the roster are good.


Can we get a refund (on Johnny Cueto)? ~John Findlay

Nope.  We’re stuck with him.  That being said, if Cueto has a lights out postseason, this month will be long forgotten.  However, if he doesn’t, Cueto will be the biggest goat in Kansas City since former Chiefs kicker, Lin Elliott <ducks for cover>.  The only thing I can point to is last season, Jason Vargas went 1-3 with a 6.75 ERA in September.  With all that, Vargas was the Game 1 starter for the ALDS and Game 4 starter for the ALCS where he went a combined eleven and a third innings pitched while allowing three earned runs (all on solo home runs).  That’s good enough for a 2.38 ERA.  It’s possible for the Cueto to be off in September and get on in October.  It’s just not an ideal thing to do.


Who will be the ALDS Game 1 Starter? ~Chris Stratton

If the season ended today I’d have to say Yordano Ventura.  Ventura has been the best pitcher recently for the Royals and he seems to be complimenting his fastball with his devastating curve.  That being said, the season doesn’t end today.  If Johnny Cueto can remember the fact that he is Johnny Cueto and start dominating opponents again, then he’s your Game 1 starter.  The rotation right now would probably be Cueto (only if he rights the ship from his recent troubles), Ventura, Edison Volquez, and Danny Duffy or Kris Medlen.


How much wood could Johnny Cueto chuck if Jonny Gomes could hit Rusty Kuntz with the rosin bag? ~Michael Till

42?  Yeah, 42!  In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.


I want to thank everybody for the questions.  As I look up to the TV, I see the Royals are losing.  Royals fans, just start listening to Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day and replay this on loop and know that they Royals will be playing in the playoffs.

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