Is this team ready for October?

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It's been a while since I went on a good rant, so buckle up folks, it is about to get bumpy!

Since when is there a magical key that allows teams to turn on their best when they need it?  Did we learn nothing from last year's Oakland Athletics?  A team that struggles down the stretch usually doesn't turn a magical key and switch back into the team they were in May or June in October.  And if last night didn't show us that, I don't know what will.

This team is about one more shutout from me proclaiming the wheels having fallen off.

So let's get ahead of the people who are going to try and make more excuses for this month.  Last night we saw the October lineup in game two of the ALDS (if Ned sticks with this rotation that is).  With the exception of the one inning by Joba Chamberlin, this is who we will be throwing out there.  So this playoff team just lost their fourth game in a row to what was, the last place team in the A.L. Central.  that would be a sweep in a best of 7 series at the hands of the worst team in our division.

Speaking of series wins.  The Royals have won exactly 2 series this month.  And both of them have been against teams at the bottom of their division.  We are on a slide that may be to steep to get off of.

I know the Royals had an 8 game losing streak before going on to the 1980 World Series, but this team is getting out played by teams with nothing to play for, and in some cases pretty much shutting down our offense.  Not to mention the fact our starters had over a 6 ERA coming into this week during the month of September.

So what gives?  Is it the fact we are resting guys?  Is it the fact we just put it on cruise control?  Is it trying to get guys time to figure out a playoff roster? Maybe to all of these.  But either way, this team is on a slide that we haven't seen in a while but one we all have been waiting for/dreading (at least those of us that have been fans longer than July of last year).

Some have said, "Since we have already clinched the division, we really don't have anything to play for.  Home field advantage doesn't lead to post season success."  And in a lot of cases that is true.  But for these Royals, I think it is way off. 

This team has won 50 games at home this year.  And is built for a big ball park.  Our outfielders cover unbelievable amounts of ground, Our pitchers give up lots of fly balls, and our batters like to hit in the gaps (because most have below average power numbers).  Not to mention the team currently ahead of us in the standings has a high caliber power hitting team that feasts on the long ball, and play in a park that aides in this. 

They obviously are trying to get every series into the Rogers Centre and for good reason.  Meanwhile the Royals seem to be pretty content with just getting to the playoffs.  An attitude many fans may be ok with as well.

All said, this is still a great team.  But one that is not playing very great right now.  If Ned Yost has a magical key hidden somewhere I hope to goodness he remembers where it is.  I would hate to see a crop of thousands of new fans see the 2005 version of the Royals get plastered by the Texas Rangers in the Playoffs!  And that is exactly what will happen if this team plays the way they have in September.

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