The Kansas City Royals are so good, we’re bored …

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Ho hum. Another night. Another Royals win. Another Salvador Perez cooler shower for the star of the game. Another collection of great defensive plays. Another dominant showing by the bullpen. More runs scored with two outs. Yawn, yawn, yawn.


At this point, most of us probably watch from the comfort of our sofas, glancing occasionally at the TV from our tablets and a super scientific Buzzfeed quiz. What does my preference of fuzzy 80s cartoon character say about my love life?


As the school year begins and fall creeps ever closer, it will be difficult to stay attuned to every pitch. Even the most bandwagon of fans will stop angrily tweeting about every bad ball/strike call. Attendance at the K will dwindle somewhat. Royals games will become a thing in the rotation of shows flipped to on the television, no longer a thing you bring a second television into your living room for every night.

royals win

See, our Royals are really good and the rest of our division is really not. With 38 games left in the regular season, the boys in blue sit 13 games upon the second place (and Denny’s favorite) Minnesota Twins. We have a 4.5 game lead over the Blue Jays and Yankees for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. It would take a meltdown of proportions MLB has never seen for the Royals to miss out on October baseball.

So why not just hit the snooze button until September ends? Here are few reasons.

1) Kansas City Royal History


We currently sit at 76-48. We have gone 24-14 since the All Star Break. There are 38 games left in the season. If the Royals repeat that 24-14 stretch, they’ll win 100 games for only the second time in team history … and that was in 1977. Even I wasn’t alive at that point.


2) The Playoff Rotation


Cueto is a lock. Volquez is a lock. Beyond that, who knows? You only need 4 starters for the post season (you only REALLY need 3, but most teams will go with a 4th starter in game 4 of a series). Ventura and Duffy have had the best of times. Ventura and Duffy have had the worst of times. Kris Medlen has been damn good out of the pen, as well as his one start so far. Chris Young, whereas he is a clear and distant dark horse in this discussion, has shown stretches of dominance this year.

Who will take the ball after Cuetquez? Volto? Johnson Cuequez? The next 5 weeks will tell.


3) The Young Guns


Yes, we are winning. Yes, all members of the organization that will make the playoff roster are probably already with the club. But 29 years of losing has instilled in me that we should be excited to catch a glimpse of the future as the rosters expand in September.

See Terrance Gore run. Watch Kyle Zimmer pitch. Observe Bubba Starling dive for a ball in the gap. Notice Jose Martinez flick singles the opposite way. Witness Christian Colon tease us all with an Infante-free lineup. Behold the roar of the crowd when Brett Eibner puts one in the drink. I’m tired of looking up synonyms.


4) We’re better than that

cards fanThat’s right, I said it. We, as devout fans of the (by far) best baseball organization in our state (not to mention all of MLB), are better than letting this team not receive the same support now that we have given it all season. We should not be tired of winning. We should be more and more excited as each and every win gets added to our total.

We will Be Royal. We have Come To Play. It is Our Time. These are our Major League Moments to relish. It All Happens Here. We Belong At The K. It is the New. Blue. Tradition.

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Author: Zach Hodson

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