Will history repeat itself? Royals Look to Rebound

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It was just last season, when Royals fans and many others began thinking "Here we go again." The Royals had just finished a three game series with the Houston Astros, and had failed to win a single game.  The Astros were at the time, and still at the end of the season, the worst team in baseball. 

The Royals were 24-28, and the season looked to be headed down the same path that they wandered on year after year.  I for one had pretty much given up on the season.  We were about to change hitting coaches……again.  Our sure fire third basemen was about be dropped to AAA. And the Royals were looking to be sellers at the Trade Deadline.

But as fait would have it, after the series with the Astros, the Royals went on a 65-45 run.  From that stretch the Royals were twenty games over .500, and ended the year at 89-73, winning the AL Wildcard, and eventually the Pennant.

This season the Royals are in a very different place, however, but once again find ourselves being swept yet again by the Astros.  So just like a double rainbow, I want to know what this all means. 

The first is that we do not match-up well with the Astros when they play in Houston.  With a 315 ft Left Field wall every right hander, and most left handers, become power hitters.  And their free swinging attitudes they tend to strike out a lot, however our swing and miss guys are in the bullpen.  So our pitching to contact tends to give up some long balls in a field with short porches.  Which can keep a good bullpen at bay. 

So obviously this team takes away our strengths.  Secondly their best pitchers went out against a very wounded rotation, and a Hosmer free line-up.  The injury bug was not in our favor, but good teams will have to overcome that.

Doom and gloom.  Not really. 

The good news is the Royals still have the best Record in the AL.  So if that is the case at the end of the season, and the Astros hold off the Angels (who the Royals obviously match up very well against) the Royals will have home field advantage in the ALCS.   Wait, did he just look all the way ahead to the ALCS…..Heck yes I did. 

I truly think that this team has the tools to win the AL Pennant again.  The parody in the American League is going to truly help the Royals.  If the Royals can Stay 6 games up on the Tigers through the All-Star Break, it will be incredibly difficult for them to creep back into the picture.  and I don't think the Twins will be able to hold this pace.

I know as Royals fans we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But every time this team looks like it will let us down they go and rip off 7 of 9….and lets not forget we just had a winning road trip.  So maybe it is time for the Royals Faithful to turn the page, and start looking ahead with optimism, instead of fear or skepticism.


And don't forget to Vote with any old email address you have ever had for the Royals in the All-Star Game….except Infante and Rios…Let's not go there.

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