Royals Lose Again, Shut Out by Chi Chi Gonzalez.

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In his Major League debut, Chi Chi Gonzalez took a no-hitter into the sixth inning against the Boston Red Sox. Gonzalez would pitch similarly tonight when he threw a complete game shutout against the reigning American League Champs.

There’s not much offense to talk about. Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, and Alex Rios each recorded a hit, but that’s the extent of it. On the flip side, the Rangers scored four earned runs off of Edinson Volquez. Ned Yost and Volquez both blame it on his having seven days off, which is a factor. It threw his rhythm off, and as a result, he allowed three walks. It wouldn’t matter if he had five days off, ten days, or a million days. If your offense won’t score, you won’t win.

Most of the offense has been in a funk since around mid-May. It doesn’t help when the team’s cleanup hitter is batting just .227 over the last seven games, or when your second baseman can’t take pitches, hit, or even field his position properly.


Twitter Hawt Take of the Day:

@ryan_landreth:Eric Hosmer is a bad offensive player. He's just not good. Plain and simple.” Sure, Eric Hosmer is in a funk, but overall, he’s batting .301/.376/.498 with seven home runs. That’s pretty solid.


It seems now that saying anything about Omar Infante would be beating a dead horse. That man cannot play baseball, and should not be a starter on any team. ****This is not a hawt take.****

The only reasonable solution for this ball-club right now is to change the lineup, and make it one that maybe doesn’t feature Omar Infante. Get Alcides Escobar out of the leadoff spot, and insert Alex Gordon. Shifting Escobar to the ninth spot would provide more protection when the order flips back around. He gets on base, but he doesn’t take pitches.

Every team goes through slumps, and Kansas City is in a major one. Luckily, the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins keep losing, so they’re only one game out of first place. It’s a long season. The Royals are too good not to come out of this rut.

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Author: Sarah Davis

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