The story behind the Royals 8-2 loss

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Monday morning at 5:45 am the Kansas City Royals finally got to their hotel rooms in Arlington.  After a 100 minute plus rain delay in Detroit followed by two 30+ pitch innings the night before, it is safe to say the boys in blue were not exactly in tip-top shape for the game that started nearly just a few hours later. Even the ESPN announcers assigned to the game, John Kruk and Curt Schilling, were actively rooting for the game to end during the broadcast.  Coach Ned Yost told reporters that he got to bed at 7 a.m. that morning, and woke up at 9 a.m. to prepare for the Rangers.  In preparing for the game Yost also decided to cancel batting practice and told starters to get swings in the catch before the game.

So it is no surprise that the Royals showed up flat, and lethargic.  The Royals were free swinging, and late on everything until Alcides Escobar threw his hands at a 1-2 pitch and flung it into left center in the 4th inning.  Then Escobar would go on to score in that same inning, starting, and pretty much ending the Royals offense.

The Royals would go on to lose 8-2 but the real story to come out of Arlington was the start of Danny Duffy (2-2).  Duffy came out missing on all cylinders.  His fastball was the only pitch he could get over for a strike, and in the first inning he escaped the Rangers offense by allowing Alex Gordon to get friendly with the left field wall twice.

He would come back in the 2nd to walk the bases loaded, and eventually give up 4 runs, to put the Royals in a 4-0 hole.  All told Duffy threw 3.2 innings, allowing 6 walks and 97 pitches.  Needless to say, this was not the bounce back we were looking for from Duffy.  But at least he got out of the second inning this time.

So the take home from yesterday is that no team goes 162-0, because crazy travel days, rain, and fatigue set in.  This team is really good.  We will probably have a few more days like this, and they are to be expected.

Duffy still has flashes of 2014, if you watched the 3rd inning, he showed he still is a legitimate big league pitcher, and has good stuff.  He just needs to get out of this funk.  Last year down the stretch he was arguably our best, most reliable pitcher. So it is not time to panic!!!

 All told the Royals are still in first, and have one of the best records in MLB.  We will continue to look for starting pitching, while still hoping the current guys can figure it out.  Tonight will be a much different ballgame, and one the Royals can, and should win!


**Correction was made to score in title, originally stated 8-1

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