Bronx Bombarded: Royals Slammed by Yankees, 14-1

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When your starting pitcher gives up more home runs than he gets outs, you know you’re in for a long day. Jeremy Guthrie gave up three 3-run homers and a 2-run home run before recording an out in the second inning. The fact that the Yankees only scored 14 runs today is unbelievable, considering the Kansas City bullpen threw seven innings in relief today.

Really, I’m just going to sum up the 14-run massacre from the Yankees. Here’s how it happened in a sentence: A home run, another home run, hey, the Yankees hit another home run, Guthrie’s final home run, an RBI-double, and there’s the last home run. The Royals didn’t get shut out though. They scored a run on a Jarrod Dyson RBI-single.

Key Takeaways:

  • Interleague in NL parks will be brutal for Eric Hosmer.

  • Salvador Perez loves to talk, not just behind the plate, but at first base too.

  • Jason Vargas is making his first start coming off the DL tomorrow.

  • Danny Duffy is on the DL with bicep tendonitis, and Brandon Finnegan is a big leaguer, once again.

  • Jeremy Guthrie made one of the worst starts in Major League history today.

This loss was brutal for everyone. Players, coaches, Jeremy Guthrie…. Thankfully, it was only one loss, and they can still bounce back and take the series. The rest of the pitching matchups are: Jason Vargas (3-1, 5.26 ERA) against Adam Warren (2-3, 4.26 ERA) and Chris Young (4-0, 0.78 ERA) vs. Michael Pineda (5-2, 3.59 ERA).

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Author: Sarah Davis

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