Week One Power Rankings

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This year, I’ve decided to do something a bit different. I, along with my good friend Michael Avossa (who does not write for RoyalsBlue) have decided to do weekly (or bi-weekly depending on stuff) Power Rankings for all 30 teams in the MLB.


2015 has started off on an interesting note. We’re one week in, and there are only two unbeatens left in baseball. The Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals are both 6-0, and look to be the two biggest threats coming out of the American League Central. The next best team, the Atlanta Braves, lost to the Mets on Sunday, ending their unbeaten streak at five games. Of all of the teams in the top fifteen, Atlanta is the least likely to make the playoffs. Though I think the bottom three will be same, or close to the same, for the entire season, these rankings will most definitely have a different look to them in a month’s time. Here are our Week One Power Rankings:


  1. Detroit Tigers (6-0)

  2. Kansas City Royals (6-0)

  3. Atlanta Braves (5-1)

  4. Boston Red Sox (4-2)

  5. Colorado Rockies (4-2)

  6. Toronto Blue Jays (4-2)

  7. Cincinnati Reds (4-2)

  8. San Diego Padres (4-3)

  9. St. Louis Cardinals (3-2)

  10. Chicago Cubs (3-2)

  11. New York Mets (3-3)

  12. Seattle Mariners (3-3)

  13. Baltimore Orioles (3-3)

  14. Los Angeles Dodgers (3-3)

  15. Houston Astros (3-3)

  16. Philadelphia Phillies (3-3

  17. Arizona Diamondbacks (3-3)

  18. Tampa Bay Rays (3-3)

  19. Washington Nationals (2-4)

  20. San Francisco Giants (3-4)

  21. Oakland Athetics (3-4)

  22. Los Angeles Angels (2-4)

  23. Cleveland Indians (2-4)

  24. Texas Rangers (3-4)

  25. Pittsburgh Pirates (2-4)

  26. Chicago White Sox (2-4)

  27. New York Yankees (2-4)

  28. Milwaukee Brewers (1-5)

  29. Miami Marlins (1-5)

  30. Minnesota Twins (1-5)




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Author: Sarah Davis

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