Troll So Hard: Does Brett Lawrie ever shut up?

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Albert Pujols has reportedly contacted Ned Yost to tell him he did NOT call the Royals "Bush League" according to multiple sources.

It was certainly an interesting weekend at the K. From Billy Butler’s return, to Lawrie slide and his ensuing alleged “apology” to what turned into one of the most eventful and exciting April series that featured a couple bench clearing incidents and six ejections (all Royals), oh and the Royals won the series (2-1). For the Royals (and fans), all of this resulted in a new Public Enemy No. 1, Brett Lawrie. To everyone else, the villainization of the Royals continues, who have had bench-clearing incidents in three of the four series of 2015.

But, Eric Hosmer says it best.

“Right or wrong, we don’t care. We stick together.”

Cue Drake’s “We Started at the Bottom, Now We’re Here.” These Royals are here, and, apparently we’re the new bad boys of baseball. Maybe we should just embrace it, feed off the energy. It doesn’t matter how it’s done as long as it works. But, that’s a story for another day.

And, for the second straight weekend, our opponent’s fans, bloggers and this time actual reporters and the team itself (A’s) had some serious issues with the Royals.

It starts and ends with that clown, third basemen Lawrie. We’ve wrote about it already, and if you’re a Royals fan, you know the story. But, much like the Royals thought it all ended with Ventura’s 98 MPH into him, we also thought this was done, but it didn’t end when the game ended Sunday. Lawrie just won’t let it go. So, neither will I.

He sounded off after the game Sunday in the A’s clubhouse. Prepare yourself for some real bulls***:

He’s simply trying to play the game, you guys. ‘Roid Head, YOU’RE THE DUDE WHO ACTUALLY HURT SOMEONE, FYI.

But, remember, he’s simply trying to play the game, like he did here, when he was ejected and suspended after being called out on three strikes on an outside pitch and throwing his batting helmet on the ground and it hitting home plate umpire Bill Miller:

OR cursing out Royals fans on his way back to the dugout:




Stay classy.


But, he left Kansas City, and he still wasn’t done bitching and moaning. He sounded off again yesterday to the Bay Area media, most notably the unprofessional clown Susan Slusser, who on Sunday said, and I’m not kidding, Lawrie could be DEAD:


Pretty sure, reports aren’t supposed to make such erroneous claims?

“You get what you deserve, more or less,” Lawrie said, in reference to MLB handing down a 5-game suspension to Kelvin Herrera, as you know by now was ejected for a triple-digit fastball behind, what Assletics fans/players/media claimed was at his head, but really the middle of the back, number high and Yordano Ventura was fined an undisclosed amount for beaning Lawrie Saturday.


“It’s not up to me to make the call…It wasn’t baseball, it didn’t feel like baseball. And their fans approached it, the way their fans antagonized everything. Everyone leaps out of their seat like it’s a UFC fight…I think people forget this is a baseball game.”

Yes, because our fans were so unprovoked and you did NOTHING to deserve it? Got it. Crybaby. JUST SHUP ALREADY. Good God.


He wasn’t the only Assletic talking about it.

“I don’t think that’s enough,” Oakland RF Josh Reddick said. “For a reliever, that’s two or three appearances – and he might go five days without throwing at all. Five (which he got, you tool) or seven games would be a statement.”

Lawrie added that he doesn’t think there will be any carry over in late June when the Royals head out to Oakland because it’ll be watched so closely by the league.

“We’re just trying to win baseball games. We’re not looking to go to war with anyone. Nobody wants to hurt anybody. If that’s what they want to do, the league will take care of it.”

And Slusser got the Angels to talk about the Royals, who, if you remember, had a dust-up with the Royals on the first weekend of the season and Halos Heaven wrote a horrendous piece with all sorts of goodies: Royals Get Cocky in Sweep of Halos.

“They went to the World Series and you give them a lot of credit for that, but there is a respectful way to play that game,” closer Huston Street said. “I know we were shocked. When someone does something ridiculous, you take it as just ridiculous. But, it makes you think less of them professionally. I’ll tell you that much.”

Why are you talking about us? I’m starting to see a trend here, we beat you in the playoffs and again early in the regular season and you get salty? Oh, and there you have it Royals fans: The Royals are unprofessional pro’s.

Street continued: “Everyone respects the job they’ve done on the field. “But, I don’t care if its 82 or 102, you don’t talk about throwing at someone’s head (it wasn’t at his head, of course).

…That’s someone’s son, that’s someone’s husband, that’s someone’s brother. We’re talking about people’s lives here – because of an aggressive slide? If you’re going to throw at people’s heads, that’s just wrong.”

Big words for someone who doesn’t get to get in the batter’s box and face live pitching.

Street leaves us with a lot of talking points.

First, his comments remind of some of the audio we heard from callers to Bay Area’s 95.7 FM’s postgame show Sunday.

Angela basically said, “think of the kids.” Scott added that, “Royals are thugs and Herrera deserves 50 games.” FIFTY. FREAKING. GAMES. Might be one of the worst takes I’ve ever heard. Mustang Matt: “If he got hit by that pitch in the head, he might not be able to talk to his family ever again.” Because, DEAD, I presume? Back to Scott and Angela. Angela: “Royals fans on Twitter, get over yourselves.” And Scott: “Lawrie should have pressed charges.”

There were many on this “attempted murder” take Sunday night. And, it is just as horrendous as it sounds.

Attepted Murder

Absolutely brutal. ATTEMPTED MURDER for a fastball behind his back.

Even A’s owner Lew Wolff interjected, calls Royals behavior after Lawrie slide, “despicable.”

As despicable as the stadium they play in that was once filled with raw sewage?

And get a load of this A’s fan:


OOOOOH, scary!

And, I’ll just leave you with this for you to enjoy:


Oh, and how about another sister site to our favorite Royals spot, Royals Review, Athletics Nation writing this complete joke of a piece calling Herrera a Disgrace to Baseball. Alex Hall, Dude. C’mon. What Herrera did on Sunday was certainly a poor decision, however you’re defending BRETT LAWRIE, a player with a reputation of being a hot head and poor decision maker on baseball fields. If Herrera is a “disgrace” as you say, then any player attempting to injure another is also a disgrace. And thank you to some reader on Royals Review for answering the Athletics Nation piece ( Hall, a guy that looks like Ron Howard in a gardening hat, shouldn’t be calling any athlete a “disgrace,” though. Both players made poor choices, and fortunately no one was seriously hurt. If Lawrie makes a clean, normal slide on Friday night, I believe there are no ejections or players hit with pitches in this series. And, perhaps the A’s win Friday night and win the series. Thanks, Lawrie…you fired these guys back up. This is going to be another exciting season in Kansas City.

But, of course, Lawrie’s obsession, continued. He claims – much like his alleged “heartfelt” apologetic text to Alcides Escobar – Albert Pujols told him that [Lawrie] plays the game hard and that the Royals had done some “bush-league stuff”

“A lot of teams have noticed the way they’ve been playing. (he means winning and tied for the best record in the American League at 11-4?), he added. “A lot of people around the league are watching the style of play that’s been going on. There isn’t enough leadership in K.C.’s clubhouse.”

Ok, pal. See ya in June.

Ned Yost and the Royals didn’t take too highly of the leadership comments.

Yost went all Bill of Rights and said, “It’s a free country. We have those amendments. We have strong leadership…and we’re winning.”

“There’s a reason Morales and Rios and Volquez want to play here,” Yost added. “It’s fun.”

One of those veterans, Alex Rios – who is on the DL with a broken bone in his hand from being hit by a pitch (Royals were hit two more times tonight in a 3-0 loss to the Twins: “When Lorenzo got hit, he knew what was going on. They all did. They can pretend they didn’t.”

Another veteran, pitcher Chris Young, was not amused with Lawrie’s “lack of leadership” claims.

“We play the game the right way, and if they’re envious, or they have a problem with that, that’s their issue, not ours. We’re going to keep doing what we do…playing the game hard…That’s insulting to say that another team doesn’t have [leardership].”

He continued: “You can look at the character of the individual saying that, and I think that reflects poorly on them and that’s enough said.”


Lawrie wouldn’t let it go, so neither did we. He’s going to milk this thing, playing the victim, for the rest of the season. And, we’ll be here to troll you. You too Slusser and A’s fans. But, that’s enough for now.


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