Royals, Ventura Agree to Five-Year Extension

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Two days before the start of the regular season, the Kansas City Royals agreed to a contract extension with their ace, Yordano Ventura. After what he did last year in the playoffs, an extension was almost waiting for him. His contract guarantees five more years, worth about 23 million dollars in guaranteed money. He’ll have two option years to go along with it.


In two days, Yordano Ventura will be making his first Opening Day start of his career. The Kansas City Royals are making sure that he makes plenty of more Opening Day starts in a Royals uniform for years to come. With a 3.20 ERA last year, and a postseason of complete dominance, Dayton Moore got to work. Though some have reservations about a contract of such size due to the health of his arm, this is one of those “no risk, no reward” type of things that you almost have to get done.


Royals GM did the same thing with Salvador Perez. Perez had played just 39 games, and Dayton Moore jumped on a five-year deal with the young catcher. These kinds of contracts are what Dayton Moore specializes in, and through all the grief that he gets, he deserves credit where credit is due: He hit a home run with these two guys and their extensions.


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Author: Sarah Davis

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