Royals Call up Speedster Gore

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Next Man Up.  

The sign of a good (and well constructed) team is the ability to make personnel adjustments as injuries and performance necessitates.  With the injury to starting Right Fielder Alex Rios, the Royals are faced with their first real quandary of the season; how will they replace (even for a few weeks) a player that they banked $11 million on being a stable presence in the outfield and in the lineup all season long?  

According to reports, the Royals are choosing to answer that question by calling up from NW Arkansas the speedy Terrance Gore to replace Rios on the 25 man roster.  According to Ned Yost, the plan will be to use a platoon of Jarrod Dyson and Paulo Orlando in Right Field and to allow Gore to do what he does best: run the bases very, very fast.  The return of "Thats what speed deux."

Rio's injury and Gore's call up automatically mean two things: 1. The Royals' offense will be diminished (unless Orlando continues to hit only triples) and 2. The status of the defense just got bumped up from Otherworldly to Legendary. Depending on which element of the game you place a higher emphasis, this move is either really good or really "eeh."  

The reality of the situation is that this move, while not flashy or sexy, is the right move for Kansas City to make at this time and the ability to bring someone like Gore into fill Rio's spot is a clear indicator as to how well Dayton Moore has constructed this team. This is true for two reasons:

 First of all,  the Royals did not need to make a splash or a desperate move in the form of bumping up some prospect that was no where near ready for the Major Leagues in order to appease the fanbase or to inject some sort of moxie into the Royals.

There will be no hype surrounding Gore's reappearance on the 25 man roster, if we see him tonight in the 7th or 8th inning running in place of Morales or Perez, most will not give it a second thought.  There will be no pressure on Gore to do anything more than what he already does.

And secondly, bringing up what is essentially a pinch runner to replace a starting outfielder demonstrates the confidence that Dayton and Ned have in the ability of the players that are already on the roster and that they are playing to win every. single. night.  It is readily apparent that Ned Yost has every intention of using Gore in the late innings as a (not so) secret weapon to try to scratch across an extra run or two.  This is the sign of the new Royals, a team that enters every game with the expectation that they will win and will do whatever is necessary to make that expectation a reality.  

So welcome back to Kansas City, Terrance Gore.  Next Man Up.  

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