Royals Blue Opening Day Predictions

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With opening day starting in a few short hours, I have decided to compile a list of predictions for pretty much everything we could possibly want to know about the 2015 Baseball season.  So here is a little bit of what your favorite gas bags think about how this year will shake out.

  Walker X. Grieves Dr. Hodson Luke Sarah Jason Charles

Royals Record

84-78 89-73 81-81 92-70 84-78 90-72 83-79
Royals Make Playoffs (y/n) No Yes No Yes No Yes No
A.L. Central Winner Cleveland Kansas City Detroit Kansas City Detroit Kansas City


World Series Match-up Dodgers over Mariners Nationals over Royals Red Sox over. Nationals Orioles over Dodgers Nationals over Mariners Dodgers over Mariners Mariners over Nationals

So as you can see, the staff is all optimistic about the Royals, and having a good season.  Some seem to be view the world through some rose colored glasses however, while the realists are expecting a more modest 2015 season.  I find it interesting that we all picked one of two national league teams to play in the World Series.  The Nationals and Dodgers seem to be the odds on favorites for the October Classic.  And the Seattle Mariners seem to be the most common American League team to be picked for the World Series.  All said no one feels that the Royals will be winning the title this year, with only one pundit even picking them to go.

As an addition to these predictions, I also asked the writers to look into their magic eight balls, and try to predict anything else that could possibly happen.  From this I got some impressive foresight..and some frightening images.

Some of the predictions:

The Good Doctor foresees Alcides Escobar lasting no more than a month in the lead-off roll.  Hosmer turns the corner hitting .290, 23 HR's, and 92 RBI's.  And Duffy ends up being the best and most consistent starter on the team, 170 IP, mid 3 era, wins 12-14 games.  JGuts continues to be JGuts, ends up being the team's 3rd best starter (and best Twitter personality by far).  The "6th starter" ends up being the 4th best starter on the team.  Either Volquez or Vargas (probably Vargas) ends up in the bullpen by June 1.Volquez will have a few flashes of brilliance, but will end up going down as one of the worst free agents ever signed by GMDM.  Holland has a down year by his standards. Will still be an overall effective closer, but people will say we are paying him too much to be an average closer and want to move him at the deadline. The rest of the bullpen pitches at the same (or even slightly better) level as they did last year.

-The team will hover right around .500 all year. I don't see a whole lot of long winning or losing streaks. At the end of the day, they are really just a a very average major league baseball team.
X. Grieves feels strongly that the Royals Brass will make the right decision and bring back "Halter Top Night"  but instead of once a year, they decided to do it for every home game from June-September.
Luke prophesies include Moose going down in a tragic flip-flop malfunction accident, breaking a toe and his replacement makes the All-Star team, only to be replaced by Moose when he comes back in late July and finishes the season hitting .218.
Sarah sees the old Ned Yost magically reappearing causing the term #yosted to be among the 2015 additions to Webster's dictionary.  She also says that Vargas will pitch well this year (at some point).
Jason feels the Royals will have to go to a 2 beer limit at the new Craft and Draft bar due to multiple fountain swimming incidences, and some indiscretions made during "Halter Top Night."
Charles' clarvoiance claims,  "I start with last year's record – regressed to the Pythag +2 (the Royals have been outperforming their Pythags for years – as you would expect a team with a fantastic bullpen to do, but last year their Pythag beating had a lot to do with clutch hitting as well, and I just don't expect that to continue).  So – 86.  -3 for the shift from Shields to Volquez.  Rest of team -0.5 from Gordon, -1.5 from Cain, a wash in the Dyson/Rios vs Aoki/Dyson, +1 from Moose, -1.5 from Escobar, +1 from Infante, +1 from Hosmer, +0.5 from Perez, -1 from bench, a wash in the pen, +0.5 from Duffy, -0.5 from Ventura, -0.5 from Guthrie, a wash from Vargas…  that leaves us right back where we were when we shifted from Shields to Volquez.  Oh and fountain lady will decide to leave the fountains for center field where she will actually chase and catch Dyson."
And Lastly Walker Wonders if this year will finally be the year they outlaw "Bring Your Home Knit Sweater Night to the K" citing new hygienic policies at the stadium.  There will be a 23 car BBQ due to a Cardinals fan trying to prove they are the worlds best BBQers as well, and accidentally put their brand new grill in their BMW suv while it is still full of coals.    And that the K is Rocking and Rolling every night this summer just like it did back in the 70's and 80's!!!!!
Oh and Mustard will win the season total for the Hot Dog Derby!



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