A Blue Christmas

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It is almost Christmas in America's Heartland, and snow is officially on the ground.  Yet the topic of a majority of people's conversations is not about the Chief's up-coming game with the Pittsburg Steelers which has serious playoff implications.  It is not about College Bowl games or the new playoff series.  It is not even really about college basketball.  Rather the topic I hear on most radio talk shows, news print, and people talking is about the American League Champion Kansas City Royals, and their offseason moves.

In years past I obviously remember some passing conversations about moves the Royals made, with a few major convos around the Zack Greinke trade, or the James Shields trade.  However, this season people like Kris Medlen, and Alex Rios are making major headlines in Kansas City, and the national medias.  Even if the conversations are critical of the Royals and GMDM, it is more because they are expections for this team.  And when was the last time we could say that?

To go along with the conversations, even the retailers in Kansas City have picked up on this.  Everywhere you look is some kind of Royals merchandise, from coffee table readers, to sweatshirts. If it is available it is probably available in Royals Blue this Christmas.  It really makes me wonder when the last Christmas in Kansas City was where the Royals out sold any other sports team in the area.  I will guarantee that it happens this year.  So no more blowing your Hanukah money on frivolous items, or pawning your t.v. for booze (though that was a fun Christmas break, Bryan).  This year Kansas Citians will be buying Royals aprons, and Royals bbq grill covers with that money!

thumbIt is a welcome change, and one I am truly enjoying.  And as a baseball fan one I have been waiting a long time to see happen around here!  With that said however, LET'S GO CHIEFS this Sunday!


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