World Series Game One, the Bats Fall Silent

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World Series Game One

I haven’t written anything since the end of the ALCS. After attending game four and witnessing the end of the sweep I got teary eyed and didn’t leave the stadium for nearly two hours.

I didn’t have a game log. I took my good friend’s ten year old son and had an absolute blast. When Moose corralled the last ground ball hit by JJ Hardy and fired it over to Hosmer I think I hugged half of section 413. As the Beatles Kansas City blared from the stadium speakers I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The scoreboard kept flashing AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 2014 with the ROYALS logo. I still don’t believe it.

Yet, here I am preparing for game one of the World Series in my living room. I will be attending game two in section 411.

Without further belaboring I must say that I am relieved to have made it through the ALCS. The offense went back into its shell at a terrible time, but Guthrie and Vargas made that no so much of a problem as they pitched brilliantly. Yost combined their brilliant pitching with some brilliant managing getting both of them at exactly the right time. Particularly in game four when everyone around me was asking when I would go get Vargas I said that I would let Vargas pitch to Markakis in the sixth but that I didn’t care about bases or outs or anything else that Markakis should be his last batter. And thus it was!

If the Royals don’t get their offense restarted it could be a tough World Series. I have some confidence that they will as they have had a chance to rest and get ready. I do think the Royals will win the World Series. Now, Fox is on here and the music is playing. I will have a game log for tonight and hopefully it will have a Royals win.

So, after the MLB network largely leaned toward the Giants the Fox guys went straight to the Royals. Odd.

Not a country music fan, but I must say that Trisha Yearwood was marvelous with the National Anthem. I do wish that all sports fans would either (1) sing the song or (2) shut up until the song is over. But that’s the old curmudgeon in me.

Much has been written about an idiot on writing that this was the worst ever world series. That’s silliness. First, no one can argue that because of a ten game difference between the Angels and the Giants that the Giants are intrinsically worse than the Angels. It’s just a crap argument. And secondly, the Angels had every chance to prove that they were, in fact, the best. They failed. They failed, spectacularly. By the end of this World Series, the winner will, in fact, have more wins than every other team in baseball except, maybe the loser of the same World Series. As of right now – the Giants have 96 wins and the Royals have 97, the Orioles are currently first with 99. There are many bits I need to go through over this and the misunderstanding of the statistics and the playoffs. The truth is that you can’t make decisions on who is best by a tournament, but the regular season also does not prove who is best. Ultimately, the problem is not to determine the best team, but to crown a champion and the sport does that very well.

Top of First Inning versus Shields

Blanco – BFBFX drops in front of Cain for a shallow center field single.

Panik – 1B1X (deep fly to left center field, caught by Cain, but Blanco is able to advance to second on the tag up)

Posey – BBX (lined to left field, in front of Gordon – single, Blanco to third base).

Sandoval – CX (lined into right field corner for a double, Blanco scores, Panik is thrown out at the plate 9-4-2 Aoki-Infante-Perez) 1-0, Giants.

Pence – BBCSBFX (home run to center field) 3-0

Belt – CBBFBFX (soft line drive to shallow center field, single)


Bottom of First versus Bumgarner – Giants 3-0

Escobar – CFBX (groundball to Crawford, 6-3)

Aoki – CBX (line out directly to Bumgarner)

Cain – FFBBFFFB (hit by pitch on that last B)

Hosmer – SB11X (terrific running catch by Blanco in center field, a bit right of center)

Top of second versus Shields Giants 3-0

Ishikawa – X (ground ball to Hosmer, 3-1)

Crawford – BCBFFFX (awful pitch hit deep to right field, but caught by Aoki)

Blanco – C (squared to bunt, pulled back) BBFX ( popped up to shallow center field caught by Cain)

Bottom of second versus Bumgarner 3-0

Butler – CCBBFX (line single to left field side of center, cut off by Blanco holding Butler to first base)

Gordon – BBCX (soft liner to Crawford, Butler back to first)

Perez – B (you can hear Bumgarner groaning like Sharapova as he releases) FX (broken bat ground ball to Bumgarner, 1-4-3 Bumgarner- Panik-Belt)

Top of third versus Shields 3-0

Panik – BBX (liner to Infante)

Posey – CBSBFBX (soft liner to Moose)

Sandoval – CX (deep fly to right-center, caught by Cain)

Bottom of third versus Bumgarner 3-0

Infante – CX (ground ball to Crawford, easy play, but he whiffed it and Infante is at first on E6)

Moustakas – BB (Harold Reynolds thinks the “boos” are for the error, wonder when he’s going to notice they’re saying “Moose”) FBSX (lined into right field corner very quickly, too quick for Infante to score, DOUBLE, Infante to third)

Escobar – FFF (Posey has set up high and in on the last three pitches, Escobar is swinging at pitches out of the zone) S (HIGH AGAIN, an awful plate appearance for Escobar with runners on second and third) STRIKEOUT.

Aoki – FFS (tried to check, failed) STRIKEOUT, possibly a worse plate appearance than Escobar’s.

Cain – CFBBBB WALK. Great plate appearance after a terrible pair of swings early.

Hosmer – X (ground ball to Panik, 4-3) left em loaded. Three awful plate appearances. Escobar, Aoki and Hosmer were awful in that inning.

Top of fourth versus Shields 3-0

Pence – CCBBX (hard ground ball down third base line into left field, DOUBLE)

Belt – FBB (skipped under Perez’s glove, should be ruled wild pitch, Pence to third) BB WALK.

Not even close with any of the pitches to Belt. Shields has to be removed.

Duffy up in the bullpen.

Morse – FBBX (soft liner to shallow center field, SINGLE, Pence scores, Belt to second) 4-0

Shields was awful, throwing 3+ innings giving up at least four runs.

Continuing versus Duffy.

Perez PH for Ishikawa – BX (bunt to Moustakas, 5-3, Belt to third base, Morse to second)

Crawford – BCBCBB WALK

Blanco – BBCBB WALK 5-0

Panik – B (more bullpen action, Collins) CCS STRIKEOUT

Posey – X (Pop fly to right field line, caught by Aoki) 5-0

Bottom of fourth versus Bumgarner 5-0, Giants

Perez stays in LF for Ishikawa

Butler – CBX (popped up shallow right field, caught by Panik)


Perez – CFF (initial ruling was swing and miss, but it hit his bat) BS (an awful strikeout, ball was way low and away)

Top of fifth versus Duffy 5-0, Giants

Sandoval – CSFFFBFX (one hopper to Escobar’s right, fielded in shallow left and thrown to first for the out).

Pence – FX (chopper to Escobar, very nice play to field and throw to Hosmer)


Bottom of fifth versus Bumgarner 5-0

Infante – X (pop up near right field line caught by Pence)

Moustakas – CBCBS (nasty offspeed pitch low and in) STRIKEOUT

Escobar – CBX (fly straight to Pence)

Top of sixth versus Duffy 5-0


Perez – BFSB (pitch looked good) X (high fly to left center field, caught by Cain)

Crawford – SSBX (ground ball to Hosmer, 3-1 on a nifty run over by Duffy).

Bottom of sixth versus Bumgarner 5-0

Aoki – BCBX (easy ground ball to Crawford, 6-3)

Cain – CBSFBFX (high chopper to Crawford, quick play, 6-3)

Hosmer – BBFFFX (lines off Bumgarner, Bumgarner chases it back toward Posey and throws out Hosmer )

Top of seventh versus Duffy 5-0


Panik – 1FF1X (ball falls in front of Aoki who really misplayed the ball, he should have angled back and instead it skips by, Blanco SCORES, Panik TRIPLE is how it’s scored) 6-0

Collins in to pitch and this game is beyond over.

Posey – CFX (hard liner to Hosmer)

Sandoval – BBFX (lined past a drawn in infield and diving Escobar, SINGLE, scores Panik) 7-0

Pence – CBBB (wild pitch, Sandoval to second) B WALK


Morse – BX (high fly shallow right center, caught by Cain)

Bottom of seventh versus Bumgarner 7-0

Butler – CBBX (deep ball to right center field, caught by Blanco)

Gordon – CSX (ground ball to Belt)

Perez – CBFX (LEFT FIELD HR) 7-1

Infante – CX (shallow center bloop, chased by Crawford and caught on a very nice play)

Top of eighth versus Collins 7-1


Crawford – BSBX (gapper, Gordon makes a diving stop and fires into second base to hold Crawford to a single)

Blanco – CBBX (foul pop between home and third, caught by Moustakas)

Panik – X (medium fly to center field caught by Cain)

Bottom of eighth versus Lopez 7-1

Bumgarner is replaced by Lopez as pitcher.

Moustakas – CBBFX (comebacker to Lopez 1-3)

Escobar – BX (lined back to center field, SINGLE)

Aoki – C (Strickland warming in Giants pen) X (ground ball to second, 4-6-3)

Top of ninth versus Frasor 7-1

Frasor pitching for Collins

Posey – CBX – chopper to Moustakas.

Sandoval – BX (off glove of Moustakas, E5, sloppy play – should have got in front and played to his backhand – scored base hit, scorer is wrong, but whatever, now changed to error)

Pence – BCSBBB WALK; Sandoval to second.

Belt – FX (grounder to shortstop who is shifted, he has to go a long way to his left, but makes flip to Infante, 6-4), Pence out, Sandoval to third, Belt to first.


Bottom of ninth versus Strickland 7-1

Strickland in to pitch for Lopez

Cain – CS (way outside totally fooled Cain) S (also outside) STRIKEOUT

Hosmer – BCF (homerun depth to left field, but foul) BX (low pitch grounded to Panik for the second out)

Willingham PR for Butler – CCFBBS STRIKEOUT.

So, my fear about the offense is realized. I didn’t see Shields being awful as a possibility, but it happened. If you were ever going to have an awful start it fits to have it against Bumgarner.

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