The First Part of What Will be a National Discussion

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Amazing night.

I barely have any idea where to start. It wasn't a tight game, but darn if it wasn't the most fun I've ever had at the ballpark. It was my first postseason game i've ever attended. I hope like heck it's not my last.

The Royals are demonstrating to all of baseball the market inefficiency that is spectacular defensive play. It may not be very long at all before someone tries to imitate. It's not an easy thing to imitate.

I've said for two years that Lorenzo Cain has more ability to play the outfield than anyone I've seen. It's so wonderful to see that come to fruition. Until his two catches in the fifth I wasn't sure the Royals would win this game. But those two catches are just backbreakers. They were sure hits – one was probably a double. If they both fall the Angels score – at a minimum -two runs.

In the end they get none and, really, the game was over.

Everyone wants to talk as if the Angels were unlucky, but their inability to get hits was directly related to Cain's and Dyson's and Gordon's and Escobar's and Aoki's and Infante's and Hosmer's amazing plays in the field.

After game one Scioscia was asked why his players weren't hitting – his response – largely missed by the national media on Friday was that there were four amazing plays in the field.
The same was true on Friday in game two.
The same was true tonight.
They have to feel as if the Royals are running on inline skates out there. Trout is very fast and plays centerfield well, but I don't think he gets those balls. That has to be so demoralizing and it showed. The Angels fought after the fifth inning and indeed scored a run in the eighth, but it just felt over after that.

The national discussion will be about speed and it's use as part of good defensive play.

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Author: Charles Winters

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