Royal Problems

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“Who do you want? San Francisco or Saint Louis?” One of my followers asked me via the twitters after Wednesday night’s win that finalized our date in the Fall Classic.

“San Francisco.” I replied.

“Oh, but they’re dangerous.”

“8-0 in the playoffs so far… I’m not worried.”

“That means nothing.”

And behold, the dilemma I never thought I’d have is upon me at this very moment in time: Who would I rather play in the World Series. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a pretty good problem to have. The Royals are 8-0 this postseason, and they have shown no signs of letting up on their phenomenal run.  

Honestly, I would love to beat the Cardinals in the World Series, but if we lose, I don’t want to lose to the Cardinals. I would much rather lose to the Giants, but quite honestly, I don’t see a World Series loss in Kansas City’s future either way.

Season series against San Francisco: Sweep in three games. 16 runs scored, six runs allowed. Series against Saint Louis: Took three out of four. 19 runs scored, 14 runs allowed. At this point, I think the Giants are a better team, and right now I have no doubt in my mind that we could beat anybody.

The Giants and Cardinals may have their pitching and World Series experience. What they don’t have? They don’t have the speed, and they don’t have the 29-year playoff vendetta to take care of like the Royals do, and I’ll be darned if the Royals roll over just because they’re the “underdogs” of the series. They aren’t, and they will win. As I said last night: The only ones that can beat the Royals are the Royals.

This team has the talent, the tenacity, and the heart to go all the way. So to answer the question of who I would rather face: It doesn’t matter. Bring them on, all of them, because We’re ready for y’all.


*Quick note: The person that asked me this question is a lifelong Indians fan, and her name is Stephanie. She is pulling for a Royals World Series, and is one of my favorite followers. You can follow her: @BrutalStephanie and she might follow you back. Unless you like the Tigers, then she won't.

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Author: Sarah Davis

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