October 29 in Royals Baseball History

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No meaningful Royals game has ever been played on October 29.

When I woke up on 4 hours of sleep at 6:10 this morning, I threw on my robe and took my dog to the back yard. It was as dark as midnight still. Looking up, I saw Orion, the most brilliant winter constellation, in all its glory in the west-southwest sky. Betelgeuse, Rigel and their brethren twinkled down through the clear black sky. I exhaled and saw my breath in the forty-two degree air. I looked at my car and saw a heavy dew that resembled frost.

Baseball is being played in Kansas City – TODAY!

Since July 22 the Royals are 52-26. You can't just talk about the postseason and ignore that fact. For all of the national media that want to talk about luck, they need to pay attention – no team has more wins this year than the Royals – who now have 100.

In last night's drubbing of the Giants the Royals found their next Ace pitcher – the glorious Ace Ventura. Allrighty then, what do we need? Tonight, if Jeremy Guthrie can give the Royals FOUR INNINGS, I think the Royals will win! I can't believe that I am typing these words. Less than one month ago in a post on this very site I was politely talking about what a good year this had been and the fact that we had lost to Oakland in the wild card game was OK. Lester was unhittable.

AND THEN, the Royals struck. Nothing has been the same since. I still feel that win or lose I am thrilled with this Royals season… but DAMN, I wanna WIN! Moose, Hos, Gordon and all the rest feel the same way. They WILL GIVE IT THEIR ALL.


Does anyone have a ticket for me?

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Author: Charles Winters

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