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So for the first time in over a month I wanted to wake up this morning to find out last night was a dream.

But alas, it was not.

However, the sun came up (even though it was raining when I drove to work), there was still traffic on the streets, and schools are still in session.

Baseball is officially over America, and our Royals got to play in the last game of the year.  It is funny because the first thing me and Luke talked about this morning was next year.  The season isn't even 12 hours old yet, and we are already excited for the following year.  This is a new era of baseball in Kansas City, and one I hope lasts for some time!

Before I get too far ahead of myself though, I just wanted to send out a little thank you to the Royals.  This has been one of the most fun months of my life.  It was a hard transition back to Kansas City this August, and I was really starting to question my move.  But the Royals did something I could never had expected by playing all these extra and important baseball games.  They helped me to reconnect with a bunch of my old friends, family, and the city.  It got me to go to different parts of town to watch games.  It brought great friends from all over the country to the K to watch games with.  It brought family members and their friends together to tailgate, and it brought me back into the city I was born and mostly raised in.

These games have meant more to us fans than just baseball.  It brought back memories of better times.  Times when we used to sit with people long since departed and listen to Fred and Denny on the deck.  It brought back memories of walking around the warning track at Royals Stadium with the Plumbers Little League team and our Dads as coaches. And it brought back a time where everyone wore Royals gear around town.

Yet most importantly it brought back the fun and vibrancy of baseball that many people had already given final rights to in Kansas City.

 And for that I truly say thank you.

Now it is not over by a long shot.  We still got work to do.  Pitchers and catchers report in less than 3 1/2 months.  So get out there Royals, get ready to go.  Because now you have a town with expectations.  And more importantly you have a town of Fans again!


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