Chance? Heck, yes, they have a chance! Ventura was amazing!

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Just what the Royals needed. Ventura had just amazing stuff. He had some troubles with getting strikes, but Kellogg also was calling a very tight (and inconsistent) strike zone tonight.

Eighth inning was pretty odd. Frasor throws perfect pitches to Panik and Sandoval and gives up hits to both, but then throws about as bad a pitch as you can throw to Pence and gets away with it. It goes to show you, this is baseball – you just don’t know what is going to happen.


Nastiest pitch of the whole evening had to be the pitch to Morse to close out the sixth. 100 MPH four seamer with backdoor action that Morse got on, but couldn’t do anything with. What the heck, the pitch moved almost 3 feet laterally? Wow.

World Series Game Six
Giants Lead 3 games to 2.

Giants first inning versus Ventura

Blanco – BBCBCS (fourth pitch, called a ball seemed to catch the bottom of the zone, we’ll see how that continues)

Panik – CX (fly to right center, long run for Cain on a ball fading away, looks easy for him as he catches it, 8)

Posey – B (same tight bottom of zone here, hope the Royals lay off the low stuff) BBCX (ground ball Escobar 6-3)

Royals first versus Peavy 0-0

Escobar – CX (fly to Pence, barely has to move 9, pitch was outside)

Aoki – B (Peavy thought it was there, but it was not) C (it was outside, too) C (it was a strike despite Aoki’s look) FS (STRIKEOUT) The outside call on second pitch was questionable, but not awful.

Cain – S (low, should not have swung) BBB (Peavy thought it was a strike, and it was) C (that was the same nonsense that Ventura did not get) B WALK

Hosmer – B (bounced, but Posey stops it) 1 C 1 BX (liner to left field to Ishikawa’s right, falls in SINGLE, Cain to THIRD)

That pitch was up in the middle of the zone.

Butler – C (excellent pitch, bottom of zone 9, but close to where Ventura wasn’t getting call) 1 (pickoff attempt on Hosmer) X (ground ball to Crawford, 6-4)

Giants second versus Ventura 0-0

Sandoval – B (just over top of zone) BF(swung at ball three, inside) X (center field a few steps in for Cain, 8 UA)

Pence – C (looked really hittable) BX (ground ball down RF line, DOUBLE) Good pitch, just got it, it was outermost part of zone 9.

Belt – BSF (despite what announcers are saying these pitches are not that far in) B (called inside, but was very close) S (STRIKEOUT, clearly high)

Morse – X (fly ball to right field corner, caught by Aoki, iffy pitch in zone 4 but toward middle of plate)

Royals second versus Peavy 0-0

Gordon – CX (drops into right center field in triangle between Blanco, Pence and Panik, SINGLE, pitch was outside)

Perez – BBX (Liner to right field, Pence has to go to his right, SINGLE, Gordon to THIRD) Good pitch bottom of zone in zone 9.

Moustakas – (Petit up in bullpen) BF (dangerous pitch in heart of strike zone) X (grounder past first down right field line, DOUBLE, Gordon scores, Perez to third) 1-0! Pitch was inside, but Moose muscled it past Belt.

Infante – (infield halfway) S B (Lopez up in pen) S (both swinging strikes away) S (everything away, awful plate appearance with two runners in scoring position, STRIKEOUT)

Escobar – BC (good pitch, but it was outside – bad call, he hasn’t been giving that one) S (that was in the zone) X (ground ball to Belt who charges and is then out of position with Perez NOT running, foot race to bag which Escobar wins – Panik was covering but Belt didn’t throw fielder’s choice, all hands safe) Pitch was way outside an low scored SINGLE, odd. Changed later to FC, correctly. Later scored SINGLE?

Aoki – C (excellent pitch corner of zone 9) FFB (outside) FF (dangerous pitch)X (through hole between third and short grounder into LF SINGLE, Perez scores, Moose to third, Escobar to second) 2-0 and PEAVY IS GONE, 1 1/3 innings.

Petit to face Cain and presumably several more.

Cain – BSCF (outside, but close) BX (shallow right center, SINGLE) Moose scores, Escobar scores, Aoki to third! 4-0

Hosmer – 1F (dangerous pitch!) F B (wild pitch, Cain to second base, stayed under Posey) INFIELD IN X – (Chopper over shortstop, high enough that it is a DOUBLE to center field, Aoki scores, Cain scores) SIX to NOTHING!

Butler – (Peavy goes to clubhouse throwing his hat!) CFX (line DOUBLE to right center gap to WALL, Hosmer scores) 7-0

Gordon – S (Lincecum loosening) X (sharply hit grounder toward line, snared by Belt, 3 UA, Butler to third)

Perez – FX (foul pop down left field line shallow, caught by Sandoval, 5 UA)

Top of third versus Ventura 7-0

Ishikawa – CSS (tried to check, failed, STRIKEOUT)

Crawford – FBBB (same squeeze as earlier, damn it) B (WALK)

Blanco – BBB (perfectly good pitch, awful call) B -(WALK)


Bases loaded

Posey – X (ground ball to Escobar – 6-3 DP) Screw this awful ump.

Bottom of third versus Machi 7-0

Moustakas – BFSX (ground ball to right side, Crawford is there, 6-3)

Infante – C (the call that Ventura didn’t get) BX (ground rule DOUBLE in left field corner on a pitch in heart of zone 5)

Escobar – CX (comeback to Machi, 1-3)

Aoki – BB (should have been called strike inside corner) BB (WALK)

Cain – FBFX (dead center deep fly ground rule DOUBLE, Infante scores, Aoki to third) 8-0 Pitch was thigh high near middle of plate.

Hosmer – BBC (pitch fx says outside, again) X (comebacker to Machi, 1-3)

Top of fourth versus Ventura 8-0

Sandoval – X (comebacker to Ventura, 1-3)

Pence – C (ball was low, ump gave us that one) B (pitch was pretty good, but movement so sharp hard to see it was strike) X (ground ball to Infante 4-3, Ventura got away with pitch in zone 5)

Belt – BX (smash Moose dives, throws high in hurry, SINGLE)

Morse – BBCFBX (bouncer to Escobar 6-3)

Bottom of fourth versus Machi, 8-0

Butler – C (Pitch FX says outside by about 4 inches, bad call) X (fly to Pence near RF line, 9 UA)

Gordon – BCBBFFC (STRIKEOUT, awesome pitch by Machi, inside backdoor pitch)

Perez – B (awful call by ump, good pitch) CX (ground ball down line, Sandoval fields, bounces throw to Belt, Belt can’t scoop, Perez reaches – SINGLE)

Moustakas – CX (high deep fly to left center field, Blanco makes pretty easy catch)

Top of fifth versus Ventura, 8-0

Ishikawa – FBFC (amazing backdoor fastball, STRIKEOUT)

Crawford – FCBX (ground ball down first base line directly to Hosmer, 3 Unassisted)

Blanco -X (ground ball right at Hosmer, 3, Unassisted)

Nine pitch fifth inning, seven for strikes!

Bottom of fifth versus Machi, 8-0

Infante – CBC (borderline call, but not one Ventura has got) BX – (Grounder between third and short, SINGLE) Pitch was right down middle.

Escobar – X (another one down middle, DOUBLE UP ON WALL, Infante, scores) 9-0 Jirsh threw stop sign, but late enough that Infante really could not stop.

Aoki – S (in dirt) – STRICKLAND up in pen – BBX (ground ball to Panik, 4-3, Escobar to third)

Cain – SX (chopper between short and third, 6-3 great throw)

Hosmer – CBS *awesome pitch by Machi) S (terrible swing by Hosmer, STRIKEOUT)

Top of sixth versus Ventura, 9-0

Dyson into center field, Cain in right field, Aoki removed.

Panik – BCBFX (high fly to right center field caught by Cain)

Posey – C (awesome curve ball) S (even better pitch, cutter) X (ground ball, Escobar 6-3)

Sandoval – BBC (outside corner, he gets this call) BB – WALK

Pence – X (comebacker to Ventura, 1-3)

Bottom of sixth versus Strickland, 9-0


Gordon – BX (smash to Panik, bobbled, but stopped, 4-6-3 DP)

Perez – X (ground ball to Crawford, 6-3)

Top of seventh versus Ventura, 9-0

Belt – FX (high fly to Cain, 9 Unassisted)

Morse – B (borderline call against Ventura) FCX (chop to Escobar, backdoor cutter, 6-3 – fastball??? 100MPH, backdoor action?) WOW

Ishikawa – BBBCFB – WALK

Crawford – B (another missed call by Kellogg) X (liner to shallow center field, SINGLE, Ishikawa to second) bad pitch, belt high over the middle.

Blanco – X (foul pop down left field line to Moustakas, amazing night for Ventura, next year’s ace).

Bottom of seventh versus Strickland, 9-0

Heckuva God Bless America in between innings, all have been good, but this was outstanding.

Susac to catch replacing Posey

Moustakas – CBB F (Frasor up in Royals bullpen) F (pitch was outside) X (HOMERUN TO Party Porch in right field) 10-0

New Royals record for Homeruns in a postseason (5).
Six homeruns off Strickland in postseason.

Infante – X (high pop to Belt, 3 unassisted)

Escobar – F (Vogelsong warming for Giants) F FFX (high pop to shallow left center field caught by Blanco, 8, mistake pitch, if Escobar stays with he can get a double easily)

Dyson – SBX (ground ball to Belt, 3 Unassisted)

Top of eighth versus Frasor, 10-0

Panik – CFX (ground ball through the middle, SINGLE) Good pitch, Panik did a nice job of staying with it.

Susac – B (another missed call by Kellogg, close but he has given that one) BX (deepish fly to straight away center field, caught by Dyson)

Sandoval – CB (Vogelsong warming for Giants again, guess he’ll pitch the eighth) B (last two pitches aren’t close) X (liner into right field in front of Cain for a SINGLE, Panik to second base) Another good pitch that Sandocval just hit.

Pence – X (high pop infield fly rule called, caught by Perez, 2) That was a hanging slider, Frasor got away with one.

Belt – FB (check swing) FB (close but Kellogg is right) S (STRIKEOUT!)

Bottom of eight versus Vogelsong, 10-0

Duffy in at SS, Arias at 3B, Perez at LF, Crawford, Sandoval and Ishikawa removed.

Cain – CFBF (Collins warming in Royals bullpen) BB B (WALK)

Hosmer – CFBC (STRIKEOUT, really bad take, Hos must not have seen it)

Butler – C (excellent pitch, freezes Butler, outside edge, but Giants pitchers have got that call all night, Kellogg is right on this one) BSX (ground ball to Arias near third base line, Butler should not have swung as it was nearly on the ground, 5-4-3 DP)

Top of ninth versus Collins, 10-0

Morse – SX (pop into foul ground back of first, Hosmer catches it)

J Perez – CX (loopy curveball that slides into right field just past outstretched glove of Infante down on ground, SINGLE)



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