A Royal Feeling

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With game one of the 2014 American League Championship Series starting tomorrow, a sudden feeling of excitement is starting to return.  It has been a nice few days off to catch one's breath,and allow the heart arrhythmias to subside.  However, my voice, and sleeping patterns are sure to change in the coming week.  This feeling of jitters, and nervous energy is something all together new to me. And with that I believe I will call it my "Royal Feeling," as this team is what can make me feel that way.

An interesting juxtaposition between the ALCS and the NLCS involving the teams is that the American League Teams have not sniffed the World Series since 1985 (The Orioles actually have a longer drought than the Royals having last appeared in a World Series in 1983).  Whereas the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants have represented the NL in the last FOUR World Series.

Cinderella Story: The Kansas City Royals have apparently won the "Hearts and Minds" of the American people, according to an ESPN fan poll.  The Royals were shown to be a favorite to win the ALCS in every state in the Union except Virginia and Maryland.  A second poll showed the Royals being the favorite to win the World Series of all the remaining clubs (however Missouri still favors the Cardinals, and that pisses me off to no end!).  This is interesting as ESPN has pretty much picked the exact wrong winner in every round of the playoffs so far.

All that being said, it has been a great postseason so far, and the Royals match-up well against the Orioles.  During the regular season the Royals won a 7 game series with Baltimore 4-3.  The main reason for that was keeping the O's in the yard.  The Orioles only managed 4 homers during the series, and this will be a key to beating them again.  With a possible 4 games at the tiny confines of Camden Yards, this point will become even more important.  However with the recent offensive power the Royals have shown, this could become a strategic advantage.  Which is a good thing as weather may play a factor.  As of now, Rain is in the forecast for Friday night in Baltimore.  Rain could slow down our offense, and even the pitching and defense, so the emphasis on power may become even greater.

Due to the dimensions of Camden Yard Ned Yost has decided to push Jason Vargas to the Game 3 starter at Kauffman.  A wise move, as Vargy gave up 4 probable balls that would leave the park in Baltimore, during his outing in Anaheim.  With Big Game James Shields going Friday, and Yordano "Ace" Ventura going Saturday having a two game lead coming back to KC is a real possibility.

And with that I just got that Royal Feeling again!!!!


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    This picture makes me suspect that you and Alex Gordon have been doing drugs.

    Is that the "Royal Feeling" you refer to?


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