Royals End Regular Season on Winning Note

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I guess the Royals decided that they didn’t need to show up after they clinched a spot in the playoffs. They’re wrong, and wasted a perfectly good opportunity to force a game 163, but if you think about it, maybe a game 163 wouldn’t be the greatest thing for the Royals. Ned Yost would’ve used James Shields for game 163, and Jason Vargas for the wildcard game. I shudder when I think about Jason Vargas pitching in an elimination game. In the month of September, Vargas has a 6.57 ERA in five starts.

But that’s all a moot point now.

Today, the Royals got win number 89 thanks to a comeback by the Johnny Giavotella, Carlos Peguero, and Christian Colon. I feel that now would be an appropriate time to tell you: Christian Colon has been activated off the DL, and will be eligible for the postseason roster.

Speaking of postseason rosters, I would much rather see Giavotella/Colon at 2B/3B than Omar Infante/Mike Moustakas. Giavotella has a hit an each of his two at-bats since being recalled. Christian Colon is 13-43 (.302) with four doubles and a triple.

In case you aren’t familiar with this, I’ll go over it for you again. On Tuesday at 7:07 central time, Kansas City and Oakland will play a one-game playoff, and the winner will go on to face Los Angeles. The ALDS is a best of five series, and the first one to win three games will move on to the ALCS. The winner of the ALCS, which is also a best of five series, will go on to the World Series. The WS is a best of seven series, so the first to four wins are the world champs. Because the American League won the All-Star Game, the AL has home field advantage.

On that note, I have an announcement to make: If the Kansas City Royals win the World Series, I will bleach my hair, and dye it blue for the entire month of November.

I would just like to say this: No matter what happens this postseason, I am darn proud of my boys. This season has been a crazy ride, and I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. Go get that win on Tuesday, guys. You deserve it, the fans deserve it.

In the words of our boys when they celebrated on Friday, “We ready…. We ready….. We ready for y’all.”

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Author: Sarah Davis

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