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The magic number for the Kansas City Royals is officially 1!!!  With either a win tonight in Chicago, or a loss by the Mariners, the Royals will break the longest playoff drought in North American Sports!

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After 29 years, 5 U.S. Presidents, 13 managers, 4 General Managers, 3 A.L. Cy Young Winners, 3 Rookie of the years, 1 batting title, a strike shortened season, and too many players to count, the Royals officially have one game left to go!


Now for those of you who think this is already in the bag, I would like to welcome you to the Royals Bandwagon.  However, the true fans will tell you this team has a knack for crushing your hopes and dreams faster than you can say Tony Graffanino.


All that being said, I fully plan on going out and watching this game tonight!  Where will you be watching?   Maybe we should all carpool to Chicago?


On second thought if this team does clinch tonight, it will be the best party this town has seen since before the Simpsons were on T.V., i’m staying here!

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    They have announced that after the Twins game the Tigers will let the fans stay at Comerica Park and they will be showing the end of the Royals vs White Sox game on the Jumbotron. Clearly, they are expecting to be celebrating an AL Central championship.
    I really hope that they have just jinxed themselves!

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