Come On CHEN…..To Omaha

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So the Vultures are officially circling.  It is time to put Bruce Chen to pasture.  I have been a fan of his the past few years, but this year he has really shown his age.  With a 7.45 ERA and some truly awful outings from the bullpen, Chen and his $3 million dollar contract, have lost all value on this team (on the field anyways).  As rosters get expanded next week it would be better for the Royals to DFA Chen than have him take up a spot another Lefty could fill in the back end of the bullpen.

As a long man in the bullpen there are several deserving AA and AAA guys that could fill that void.  I think Liam Hendricks made a pretty good case yesterday for instance.  So that role Bruce fills is easily replaceable, and upgradeable.


Furthermore with Francisly Bueno now the only healthy lefty specialist in the pen, this is exactly what we will need down this last stretch of the playoffs.  It is amazing to think there may be a slight hole in this bullpen.  But with Tim Collins and Scott Downs out and Chen completely ineffective an additionally lefty is exactly what we need.

So I say to Bruce @Chenmusic, thanks for the last few years!  It has been a lot of fun, and a great ride, but it is time to hang ’em up, and let the young guns take over.

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